Top Sole Ellipticals With Pre-Programmed Workouts Are Affordable For New Moms

May 10, 2024

SOLE Fitness (866-780-7653) has ellipticals for young mothers that want to have fun getting fit at home. With the best selection of pre-programmed workouts, this is an easy, enjoyable and gentle way to get back into fitness.

SOLE Fitness wants you to know that, as a young mom, you still deserve to carve out time for yourself and they are committed to making it easier with their mom-friendly ellipticals. Stacked with pre-programmed workouts and other features you’ll love, getting fit just got fun.

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Top-Rated Ellipticals For Strength & Fitness

If your responsibilities as a young mom mean you aren’t able to join a gym, but you want to get fit and to rebuild the strength, flexibility and fitness you may have lost throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period, SOLE has a solution.

In their new buyer’s guide, which compares their top-rated ellipticals, they break down the main features that each one of their amazing elliptical trainers offers, with a special focus on the features they think matter most to you as a new mom.

Get Affordable Ellipticals With Pre-Programmed Workouts

If you’re on a budget, SOLE says the best elliptical for you is the E25, which is their most affordable model, but still built to be durable, reliable and enjoyable.

If you have a little more to spend, but are still looking for an overall lower-cost elliptical trainer, their E35 has all the features of the E25 with the additional bonus of more pre-programmed workouts.

The SOLE Fitness team knows that, as a young mom, you are probably carrying the mental load for your family, which means you are probably looking for a soft-impact, gentle and enjoyable way to get back into fitness that is good for your mind and body alike.

That’s why, as their new guide explains, the E35 comes with 10 unique and fun pre-programmed workouts that take full advantage of the elliptical’s capabilities, including its 20 different incline levels, its forwards and backwards mechanics, and more.

Enjoy A Feature-Packed Elliptical At Home

For the ultimate home elliptical experience, SOLE recommends their E9X series to you, which has even more sophisticated functionality.

As a spokesperson for their team said, “Step into the future of elliptical technology with the E9X series. Boasting a commercial-grade 13.3” touch screen, these ellipticals are not just machines; they’re a fitness command center. With 10 different workout programs, including Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, HIIT, Custom, HRC, and Fitness Test, they ensure a comprehensive and engaging fitness experience.”

SOLE Fitness, The Fitness Partner Of New Moms Across America

As SOLE Fitness’ says in their new guide, the bottom line is if you have a busy schedule and find it hard to find gym time, but you want to build strength, tone your muscles and improve your cardiovascular health—so that you can lift up your kids and feel stronger and more energized during your daily activities—any of their ellipticals are recommended.

SOLE Fitness is proud to be giving young moms just like you a new way to workout at home.

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