Top Scottsdale Federal Retirement Advisor Helps Clients Maximize TSP Benefits

Nov 7, 2023

Federal employees in Scottsdale looking to build a bulletproof retirement plan can now get professional advice from Bedrock Investment Advisors. Get in touch today and make your post-employment life worry-free!

While the largest employer in the country—the US government—provides retirement planning options to employees just like the private sector, often what’s available is not always enough.

This is the reason why private fiduciaries have an important role to play in federal retirement planning.

In Arizona, Bedrock Investment Advisors is on a mission to help federal employees understand the fine print and explore other options that can make their envisioned post-employment life a reality.

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In recognition of the important contribution of federal employees to nation-building, the government provides various retirement options. However, these options often have limitations buried in fine print, making them incredibly frustrating to understand.

Bedrock Financial Advisors can offer you personalized guidance to optimize federal retirement benefits, such as maximizing contributions to and choosing the right investments for your Thrift Savings Plan. Furthermore, the firm offers a number of insurance plans designed to fill the gaps lamentably present in the Federal Employees Health Benefits system.

Its advisors take the time to research and analyze the best options not just for return potential but for managing risk through diversification. They’ll closely collaborate with you to build a retirement plan that’s durable enough to withstand unexpected challenges in the future.

Plus, they can also advise you on non-FERS assets like IRAs and taxable investment accounts to build an integrated retirement income strategy that considers retirement income and expenses, maximizes Social Security benefits, manages taxes efficiently, and features an income distribution strategy for savings and investments.

In short, everything you’ll need to have a worry-free retirement.

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Bedrock Investment Advisors is an advisory firm that upholds fiduciary standards, which means that it always acts with your best interest in mind. With over 20 years of investment and portfolio management experience, the company also offers a full range of offerings, including estate planning, tax strategies, and more.

If you’re a federal employee and you’d like to have a better understanding of your retirement plan and other employer-sponsored benefits—as well as how these benefits can work in conjunction with your personal savings—get in touch with Bedrock Investment Advisors.

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