Top Scar Reducing Surgery For Hip Replacement: BIKINI DAA Specialist In London

Apr 5, 2024

Say “Yes” to a new hip, but “No” to visible scarring, long rehabilitation, and slow recovery times. MSK Doctors is offering the new BIKINI total hip replacement surgery, which is improved in nearly every way. You don’t even need a referral, and there’s no wait.

Did you know that it's been more than 130 years since the first hip transplant?

In that time, technology, techniques, and tools have come a long way. With a modern BIKINI hip replacement, there's practically no visible scarring, and you can even go home within 24 hours in most cases. I'll tell you all about it - but if you want to jump ahead, you can always get all the facts right from the source, at

If the time has finally come, and you need to replace some parts - presumably because you've lived such a cool life, you wore out your hip - then you've got some options you might not know about.

Hip Replacement Surgery 101

There are a few, but I want to talk about one in particular - the BIKINI procedure. It uses advanced surgical techniques to provide a complete replacement, while hiding the visible scarring and avoiding damage to several important nerves, muscles, and ligaments.

That was all casually tossed out in a single sentence, but let's break that down a little.

With a traditional hip replacement, well, you've heard the stories. There are a lot of muscles, tendons, veins, and other important body parts, that run right along the path of your hip. Unfortunately, when they're cut so that a surgeon can install a new hip, there are consequences.

For example, it's very hard to stand when the muscles you use to do it have been cut.

This is where it gets interesting though, because with the BIKINI technique, they simply don't cut them. It uses a different approach entirely, allowing the surgical team to slide your new hip in, with absolutely minimal damage.

Now, I'm not saying you won't be sore - you will, but nothing like a traditional surgery. Not even close.

Fast Recovery, Virtually No Scarring.

When you're done, you can stand up and practice walking right away, with crutches of course, and you can go home within 24 hours. There's less blood loss, less chance of limping, almost zero chance of post-op dislocations - it's basically easy-mode.

Here's the real kicker - no one will even be able to tell, because with BIKINI, they can hide the scarring. It's not 100% invisible, but through a combination of careful placement and new techniques, they can make it smaller, and also hide it in your hip line.

That's where the BIKINI surgery shines - if you just want a fast recovery and don't care about the scarring, there are some other options. Ask the MSK Doctors team about SPAIRE, another new option they specialise in.

BIKINI Hip Replacement Tips

Assuming you are interested in reducing your visible scarring though, let me lay out another tip or two that might help.

To begin with, always, always, always, make sure your surgeon is already familiar and experienced with the BIKINI technique. The research shows that while this procedure helps to reduce the scarring, the best results come from a surgeon who's already done it several times, because... well, it's new.

Experience always helps to get the best results - and that's why I'm a big fan of MSK Doctors for this. Prof. Paul Lee, the founder and hip specialist, has tons of experience with hip replacement, and has even helped to perfect some of the latest techniques.

Here's something else though - did you know your skincare routine prior to surgery can have a big impact on your results?

The good news is, there's a new guide made by MSK Doctors specialist, covering everything you need to know to get ready for surgery, and make sure your skin is ready too. For in-depth information on how skincare can affect surgical results, how to determine an individual skin type, and how to prepare for optimal results - just read their new guide.

An excerpt from the skincare guide reads, “Preparing your skin for orthopaedic surgery is as crucial as the surgical procedure itself. Good skin health can significantly impact the outcome of your surgery… In this guide, we’ll explore tailored skincare strategies for each type to optimise your skin condition before undergoing orthopaedic surgery.”

You have more control over your outcomes than you think - by preparing your skin, by picking the right technique, and getting an experienced surgeon.

Just don't forget, if you need to learn more - you can always ask at MSK Doctors. They don't believe in waiting lists or referrals. You can book your own appointment online or over the phone, anytime - even for near-immediate appointments.

You can also find the full skincare guide, and other pre-surgical tips, at

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