Top-Rated Lanham, MD Support Brokers Offer Person-Centered Planning Assistance

May 24, 2022

Persons with disabilities who opt for Self-Directed Services (SDS) still need all the help they can get from experts like Support Brokers. Read on if you want to know how these professionals can help you maximize disability services.

Top-Rated Lanham, MD Support Brokers Offer Person-Centered Planning Assistance

If you’re trying to get a more organized self-directed disability support system set up, then a Support Broker should be part of your team.

Support Brokers are valuable allies in establishing Self-Directed Services for disability support. The reason for this is their in-depth knowledge of and experience with the particular Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) services that can be useful to you.

Community Health and Education Services understands how important Support Brokers are and has committed to helping you gain access to their expertise.

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The company delivers quality developmental disability support services backed by decades of field experience. Its Support Brokers can collaborate with the Coordinator of Community Services in budgeting and help you understand the PCP (Person-Centered Plan), which you can use to organize the DDA services that you need.

In addition, they can help you hire support staff, obtain essential equipment, identify programs that can improve your quality of life, and more.

Further, Support Brokers can connect you with key actors in the DDA and the Fiscal Management Services, among others.

What’s more amazing is that you’re not required to shoulder any expense, as the DDA covers all costs, including Support Broker fees.

About the Company

Based in Lanham, Maryland, Community Health and Education Services provides assistance to children and adults who are living with disabilities. Its Director, Dr. Leslie Phillips, is a Doctor of Nursing Practice with over 30 years of clinical experience who specializes in providing support to people on the autism spectrum and those living with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, genetic abnormalities, and others.

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A representative said, “Community Health and Education Services is here for you when you or a loved one needs professional and community support services. We take our patients and their plans to achieve daily living goals seriously. We review needs on a regular basis to monitor the quality of services individuals receive, and we always strive to provide the highest level of service.”

Call Community Health and Education Services at 240-755-5591 to get in touch with the most knowledgeable and compassionate team of Support Brokers in Maryland!

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