Top-Rated Breathwork Instructor Training For Live Facilitated Breath Workshops

Dec 13, 2023

If you’ve been holding your breath for the opportunity to become a professional breathwork facilitator, wait no longer! NeuroDynamic Institute is relaunching its popular online facilitator certification course in the spring, so sign up today!

When you think of online classes, you may envision a Zoom call with a single professor droning on about topics that could probably be more exciting with some effort. But you won’t get something like that with NeuroDynamic Institute’s breathwork facilitator training program. Here, the instructors have condensed 40 years of combined breathwork experience into a jam-packed curriculum that will leave you breathless! Offering you comprehensive professional training, personal development, and radical self-empowerment, this course is sure to leave you a better person than before, in more ways than one! 

The classes will begin on March 2, 2024 and end in August, so if you’re ready for the most productive six months of your life, NeuroDynamic Institute welcomes you with open arms!

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Everything You Need

The six-month course will be divided into several components, each covering an essential aspect of successful breathwork facilitation. You will first be taught the foundations of breathwork, exploring the history and the scientific principles behind the practice. 

After learning about the fundamentals, you will begin developing skills necessary for breathwork facilitation, with class topics including workshop conception, maintaining energetic boundaries, proper screening, and how to support and guide breathers during sessions. Whatever you need to know, the instructors will cover it in the modules, so you can be sure that you’ll come away from the program with the necessary knowledge.

Become More Conscious

NeuroDynamic Institute’s certification program is unique in that it includes an intensive personal development section, which focuses on teaching you specific methods for controlling your emotions and keeping your personal issues from influencing others.

Even if you try to rein yourself in on your own, you may end up projecting onto people unconsciously, which is no good if you’re going to be leading a breathwork workshop. That’s why NeuroDynamic Institute’s expert instructors are here to guide you.

The goal of this component is to have you come away with a practical set of exercises that you can apply to both your daily and professional lives. Certain presentations by guest speakers will also complement these lessons, teaching you key areas of self-awareness that will allow you to offer workshops with a high degree of integrity.


By the end of the program, you will be qualified to lead professional one-on-one breathwork sessions in person, as well as online sessions with any number of participants. 

If you want to lead in-person group sessions, you can go all the way and apply for an optional three-day course for additional certification. But if you’re fine with having the standard qualifications, there’s no need to do that. Just do whatever best fits you!

About NeuroDynamic Institute

NeuroDynamic Institute is a personal development company that was founded by Michael Stone, a world-renown breathwork facilitator. The relaunch of the training course reflects his goal of giving as many people as possible the opportunity to experience breathwork.

A satisfied alumnus said: “Completing the course, I feel well-prepared to handle any situation that might arise during breathwork. I have been given confidence in my abilities to hold space and the clarity to recognize when personal mental projections are affecting my perception. The instructors provide a safe, accepting container that allows people to undergo the personal transformations necessary to be the best possible facilitator.”

Transform both your personal life and your professional career in just six short months. Become the person you want to be while manifesting the life you want to live. All of this is possible with NeuroDynamic Institute’s training program. So if you’re ready, visit to apply today!

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