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Jun 12, 2024

How do you get noticed in the crypto world? Have you been struggling to make your project, exchange, or currency stand out? You need Crypto Advertising from Mayfair Place Marketing (+44 7990 795893) – industry-specific promo expertise for the DeFi space!

Need specialist marketing services for your next crypto project? Hoping to build some authority online and find your target market?

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The Ultimate Crypto Coverage

Whether you're a crypto developer, blockchain project manager, or a DeFi writer, the services provide you with a proven way to identify, locate, and engage with your ideal audience. With collective experience in digital marketing, DeFi consultancy, content creation, and public relations, the company delivers advanced promotional strategies to give you product coverage on over 75 high-authority Google-approved crypto websites.

Automate To Accumulate

Based on detailed discussions with you, the team carefully sets up campaign parameters to account for target audience demographics and your desired keywords. Once original content has been authored by the writing team, the automated publishing system gets to work, maximizing coverage with high-quality articles.

What They Say

“Our mission is to transform the crypto and blockchain landscape with innovative PR solutions,” a spokesperson says. “We’re not a traditional PR agency; we use cutting-edge technology and deep industry knowledge to drive exposure, build trust, and establish authority for your crypto projects and brands.”

Subscription Options

You can choose from a range of packages – a standard option, one with a Boom PR campaign, and a Premium subscription - to ensure you commission the services you need at an affordable price point. According to the company's website, rates are often as much as three times less than comparable marketing services. From startups to established crypto projects and consultancies, the Mayfair Place team tailors unique strategies that align with your goals.

See Results Within 36 Hours

Once a package has been selected, the creative team – a community of established journalists and editors - gets to work and within a few days, all marketing content is ready for your review and approval. If you're satisfied, the pieces will be published on high-authority sites within 36 hours. Content can include news articles, blogs, podcasts, slideshows, infographics, and video packages.

A Ranking Rocket

This results in Google ranking improvements within 24 to 36 hours. The company recommends regular content pieces to ensure that your online profile and search engine ranking are maintained.

Find your Niche

The team will strategise with you to identify your niche services and optimal keywords, aligning these with the needs and interests of your target audience while identifying the most suitable platforms for publishing.

Get noticed in the crypto space with Crypto Advertising from Mayfair Place Marketing!

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