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Mar 13, 2024

When you’re facing insurmountable demands from multiple creditors, it can be hard to know where to start to get back on track financially but fear not! For the simplest and best debt restructuring in Westmeath, call Rescue Me at 818-333-517!

Struggling with debt? Don't face the stress of insolvency alone. There are ways of making repayments more affordable and getting some of what you owe written off.

For the ultimate debt restructuring solutions in Westmeath, call Rescue Me! More details can be found at

ISI Expertise

Rescue Me is part of Professional Debt Solutions Ltd., and provides expertise in resolving personal and enterprise insolvency issues. With a deep knowledge of how the Government's Insolvency Service of Ireland body operates, the team helps formulate affordable solutions to both your secured and unsecured debts.

Find a workable strategy and repayment arrangement to satisfy your creditors. Using the Personal Insolvency Acts of 2012 to 2015, Rescue Me has helped a multitude of clients find their feet again in the wake of crippling debts, the continued fallout from the financial crash of the late 2000s and, latterly, the COVID-19 pandemic. They can help you too!

Are You Insolvent?

Insolvency continues to be a widespread a problem in Ireland, affecting many thousands of people. While the term is often associated with businesses, in reality, insolvency applies just as much to individuals. Are you struggling to pay your bills on time? Having to pay off small amounts to keep multiple creditors at bay? Are you facing threats of repossession? Defaulting on debt repayments remains a huge problem in Ireland. 22% of all Irish households are over-burdened by their arrangements as per a European Union Survey. So if you're in difficulties, you're not the only one.


The firm can advise on what type of settlement package is most suitable for your personal or business debts. Debt settlement arrangements, or DSAs, are ideal if you have unsecured debts such as credit cards, loans, and overdrafts, offering a way to secure a formal arrangement with your creditors to write off some of the outstanding amounts and agree on a realistic and affordable repayment plan.


Rescue Me can also help you through a personal insolvency arrangement, or PIA, with both unsecured and secured debts. This is a formal agreement with creditors that restructures debts against property and writes off some of the unsecured loans. These arrangements commonly mean that you can remain in your home.

Deal with debt the easy way - work with Rescue Me!

For more info, call +353-818-333-517 or visit today.

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