Top Organic Google Results For Irvine Dentists: Search Box Autofill Technology

Feb 1, 2024

The autocomplete optimization technology from My Tooth Media suggests your Irvine dental practice as soon as someone starts typing in Google or Bing, giving you a massive advantage.

Organic Search Domination

Many people never follow pay-per-click adds, and getting just one organic position on page-1 can be like pushing the proverbial uphill. With autocomplete optimization from My Tooth Media, your Irvine dental practice can completely dominate first-page search results.

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Whenever someone in Irvine starts typing ‘dentist,’ ‘orthodontist,’ or an associated phrase, your practice will appear in autofill. Of course, the number of popular search phrases is finite, and they’re offered on an exclusive basis, so get in quickly.

My Tooth Media’s system in already in use in several other regions, with local dentists reporting near domination of page-1 organic rankings. In addition to being highly effective, the service is much less costly than other techniques, such as SEO and/or pay-per-click advertising.

Why Autofill?

The search box autocomplete function on major search engines is designed to make the process more efficient by suggesting a list of possible entries, based on your location, the keywords being typed, and data on previous searches. According to Google, a significant number of searches are now completed using the autofill feature.

As My Tooth Media points out, positioning your dental practice at this early stage in the search process allows you to bypass your competitors, which is not something that SEO or pay-per-click advertising can achieve. The firm’s new Irvine service also offers a level of exclusivity, as each autofill search phrase will be allocated to a single client to maximize the results.

“When individuals search using the specific keyword phrase you've selected, your presence will be prominent before any of your competitors, granting you a significant advantage,” a company representative explained. “You will be the sole company listed for the chosen keyword phrase, ensuring exclusivity for your business.”

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media is progressively introducing its proprietary new technology to dentists and dental specialists across the US, with plans to cover other sectors in the future. The firm states that the system is equally effective for almost any industry and also works at a national or international level.

“We took as many keyword phrases as we possibly could, because we wanted to completely dominate the local search market,” one client recently stated. “We’re extremely happy with the results. My Tooth Media delivers exactly what they promise.”

For organic search domination that SEO could never achieve, get in touch with the team at My Tooth Media.

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