Top Oakville, ON Physiotherapy Treatments Alleviate Repetitive Strain Injury

Sep 8, 2021

If you have any type of repetitive strain injury, Pinnacle Physiotherapy in Oakville has the treatments you need. Contact the practice today at +1-905-842-8100.

If you’re struggling with RSI, a physiotherapist can definitely help.

Repetitive movements or poor posture can cause persistent or recurring pain in many areas of the body. With the recent announcement, the physiotherapy clinic is dedicated to helping you alleviate the symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and get back to normal.

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As part of their updated physiotherapy services, the team will help you identify the actions or positions that are contributing to your symptoms, and then provide solutions to help address these factors as effectively as possible.

Repetitive Strain Injury describes the pain and discomfort that is caused by overuse of muscles, tendons, and nerves. This condition most frequently affects the upper limbs, including the hands, wrists, elbows, neck, and shoulders.

Some of the most common symptoms of RSI are pain in the affected joint or body part, throbbing, stiffness, numbness or loss of sensation, and weakness in the affected area. Because these symptoms can aggravate over time, it is important to seek the help of a physiotherapist as early as possible.

The team at Pinnacle Physiotherapy strive to provide you with a long-term solution to Repetitive Strain Injury and help you regain your quality of life. They will first analyze your symptoms and do a thorough examination.

Throughout the consultation, they will use their palpation skills and evidence-based tests to diagnose the RSI condition. Based on this evaluation, they will then offer custom treatment plans to help reduce the stiffness and pain associated with this type of injury.

The experienced physiotherapists will also show you what exercises you should do to help treat the injury and restore movement to the area in a gentle manner.

A satisfied patient said: “I have been attending Pinnacle for the last several months. Happy to say that both my knee and shoulder are now back to full strength and motion. Unfortunately, three weeks ago I injured my back and, once again, Jan Lopez has been incredibly patient as my limitations, due to this injury, were many. Thank you so much for your patience and incredible care.”

Alleviate pain and get back to full function with Pinnacle Physiotherapy!

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