Top Nigerian Event Caterer In London Does Buffet Catering For Festivals, Parties

Jun 28, 2024

Are you looking for a top-quality Nigerian food caterer in London? Ellesu’s new case study will show you why it’s the best catering company for Nigerian cultural events in the city.

The Igbo Cultural Support Network hosted its 25th anniversary and celebrated the New Yam Festival at the Oasis Banqueting Hall in London on October 7th, 2023.

In light of a successful event with the guests raving about the cuisine, Ellesu details how its team created an unforgettable culinary experience for the ICSN in a new case study.

Learn all about Ellesu's successful ICSN event here!

A Rich Igbo Tradition

In many West African tribes, yam is both a staple and a symbol of prosperity. Every year, the Igbo people celebrate a successful yam harvest at the end of the rainy season. This is one of the most revered cultural traditions carried out in the Southeastern part of Nigeria.

For ICSN’s event, Ellesu gave 100 guests an incredible feast featuring a classic roasted yam dish to commemorate the New Yam Festival.

An Unforgettable Menu

As an expert in Nigerian cuisine, Ellesu was enlisted by the ICSN to help share the beauty of Igbo culture and heritage, and the catering company delivered!

Alongside classic yam dishes, the menu offered an eclectic, unforgettable array of Nigerian snacks and desserts, including 150 small chop pouches, puff-puff cups in cinnamon sugar, oreo, and powdered sugar flavors, white chocolate drizzle, and buns. All dishes were sourced from the local markets to guarantee their freshness and quality.

Their spokesperson said, “Guests raved about Ellesu Restaurants’ puff-puff cups, particularly the cinnamon sugar flavor, proclaiming them to be the best they’ve ever tasted.”

As part of the welcome slot of the event, the Ellesu team also made sure the food was restocked and maintained high health and quality standards throughout the evening.

Showcasing The Best Of Traditional West African Culture

Founded by Anambra native Onyinye Olive, Ellesu offers event catering, food delivery, cooking classes, and more. The team is committed to showcasing the best of traditional West African culture through its memorable cuisine.

“Experience the vibrant pulse of tradition and culture at Ellesu as we seamlessly blend heritage with global innovation through our cuisine,” said an Ellesu representative. “Don’t overlook our mission to preserve and share traditional West African cuisine, transforming cooking into an effortless and delightful journey.”

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