Top New Haven Movers Listed: Guide To High Rise Apartment Relocation Specialists

Nov 30, 2023

The relocation experts at have compiled a list of the top licensed and insured New Haven moving companies. The expert recommends using screened professional movers for high-rise apartment moves from their list and getting obligation-free quotes through its site.

The sky-high cost of living is forcing everyone to look for ways to cut costs. Off-brand soup and ketchup are good places to start. Cut-rate movers, however, are not.

There are reasons that moving companies are frequently regulated by state and local governments. For one, they're transporting all your worldly possessions out of your high-rise apartment down to ground level. Furthermore, they're hurtling them past commuters at about 70 miles per hour.

For these reasons and more, it's important to hire reputable movers who are licensed and insured when leaving your New Haven, Connecticut apartment. And, a site dedicated to all things related to relocation, has you covered.

To see which companies are on the list, or get your obligation-free quote, visit

In addition to other important action steps, the guide from recommends that you verify your moving company’s license and insurance information before entering any agreements. You can do this by contacting your state’s commerce commission or Department of Transportation offices to verify specific regulations. Companies must be licensed for individual states and comply with federal moving regulations to ensure safe, reliable handling of their possessions, says.

Several states require movers to have a United States Department of Transportation number, which facilitates the tracking of inspections, compliance reviews, and other important data. The guide instructs where to find a company’s USDOT number and how to check it against federal records. Connecticut does not require this federal identification number for local moves, but it will be needed for intrastate moves of 100 miles or more or those that cross state lines.

The guide also recommends that you verify your movers are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration if they are traveling out of state, or if the in-state destination is 100 miles or more away. This agency establishes the amount of insurance companies must carry, and outlines the specific operations, cargo, and areas in which movers may operate.

Though it's not a legal issue, the guide strongly suggests that you use screened movers for moves in or out of high-rise apartments. In addition to reducing stress and difficulty, experienced movers know how to streamline elevator operations: loading and unloading elevators takes time, and most movers charge according to time spent. So the meter is ticking if an inexperienced company takes extra trips, loads poorly, gets stuck, or wanders to find their truck.

Founded by experienced relocation industry professionals, maintains a network of more than 500 screened moving companies. Additionally, its professionals check on each company monthly to ensure continued customer satisfaction. has served more than 750,000 satisfied consumers with its network of services, guides, and tips for do-it-yourself moves.

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