Top Men’s Long-Handled Dry Glide Back & Body Shaver Easily Removes Excess Hair

May 28, 2022

Tired of sweltering by the pool, embarrassed to take your shirt off? Want to get rid of that excess back hair? Then take a look at the bestselling shaver from Fuze Brands!

Top Men’s Long-Handled Dry Glide Back & Body Shaver Easily Removes Excess Hair

Whether you’re chill about your body hair, embarrassed by it, or just tired of your girlfriend complaining… Fuze Brands can help. Their popular Back & Body Shaver for Men is discreet, easy to use, and honestly an absolute godsend for those who are overly blessed in the follicles.

The genius shaver allows you to take control of your excess body hair, as a versatile and extendable shaver with a long handle that’s ideal for removing hair in hard-to-reach places without the awkwardness of asking for help.

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Fuze Brand’s Back and Body Shaver also provides you with additional replacement blades for the detachable head, which is easier to maneuver around the front-facing angles of your body.

Body hair has long been a divisive topic, with many women regularly shaving their legs and armpits, while most men only shave their faces. For some of us, though, body hair that grows in excess on the chest, back, and even the forearms can be a troublesome issue - particularly in warmer months, or hot, humid climates. Large amounts of hair can cause discomfort, sweating, and chafing when left untouched, and many consider back hair to be just gross.

Unfortunately, removing back hair has always been difficult to do alone - at least, without the additional costs (and pain) of expensive waxing and professional hair removal treatments. But the Back and Body Shaver for Men offers you a simple and effective solution and can be used alone thanks to its unique design.

The shaver has been developed with an extra-long handle that reaches the head of the shaver around your body or over your shoulder, to make reaching the center of your back a quick and easy task. Though you can use the shaver with a mirror for a thorough result, even without there’s no risk of cuts or nicks thanks to the Dry Glide blades, which feature safety teeth to prevent you from injuring yourself. The shaver’s handle can be folded away for easy transportation and storage, and the head is detachable for use on the parts of your body that are a bit easier to see, like your chest, stomach, and arms.

With two additional blade cartridges for long-term use, you won’t need to worry about using the shaver with creams or foams, as the anti-rust blades have been specifically designed to work as well on dry skin as they do on wet.

Fuze Brands is the gadgets and grooming retailer you can rely on for all the tools you need to be a functioning adult and a presentable human being (or at least to look like one).

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