Top Medical Disinfectant Supplier Recommends Best Alcohol Wipes To Prevent HAI

Apr 19, 2024

Get the best surface disinfectants for your clinic, dental practice, or hospice – straight from the source. SurgiMac partners with all the major brands, so you can get the best alcohol and bleach-based wipes from right here in the US, with same-day shipping.

Did you know that just the five most common Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) cost the US healthcare system approximately $9.8 billion, every year?

That doesn't even include the $563 million in re-admission penalties faced by hospitals every year or the cost to the individuals who get infected.

In its latest guide, SurgiMac highlights the cost of HAIs in US healthcare and explores recommendations from the EPA for environmental care, patient care, and interventional care. It's packed with useful information about how these infections can be prevented, and easy steps that can be taken at home, in the clinic, and in the office, to help.

You can find all the details and suggestions, in the full, free guide. Just visit

If you're not familiar with them already, HAIs are infections picked up after a patient has already been admitted to a clinic, hospital, or another healthcare provider, and experts estimate that approximately 687,000 cases are diagnosed each year, in the USA alone.

The guide from SurgiMac discusses several common types of disinfectants, and how you can choose the right product for your situation, to maximize its effectiveness, while still making sure it's gentle enough to not damage the surfaces you're cleaning.

You may notice that all of the examples in the guide are PDI products, and this isn't a sales tactic. While SurgiMac does carry a wide range of PDI products, they've also partnered with most of the other major healthcare brands, and offer their products as well. PDI is used for most of the examples simply because they have a large selection of products, in each of the types discussed.

What's important is to find the correct type of disinfectant for your situation, regardless of the brand it comes from. So if you prefer a product from another brand, such as Cavicide wipes from Metrex, you can use the guide to find the correct type, then choose a similar product from another brand.

The guide covers several factors you should consider when choosing a disinfectant, such as the turnover rate of your clients, the likelihood of them being ill, and the durability of the surface itself. SurgiMac suggests that a range of products may be necessary, particularly for healthcare providers, to allow for fast-drying and effective, but gentle, cleaners in some areas, while using more effective, but harsher, cleaners in other areas.

While the most effective products will depend on a variety of factors, the guide suggests that alcohol-based wipes are effective enough for most public areas, such as lobbies and waiting rooms. These wipes can clean, deodorize, and disinfect most surfaces within 2 to 3 minutes, and are known to be less damaging to sensitive surfaces and machinery.

Even within the various types of wipes, the guide explains how it's possible to choose stronger or weaker concentrations.

For example, the guide suggests several products for public areas, with differing “kill times,” and alcohol strengths. While several of the low-alcohol content cleaners can take up to 5 minutes to fully disinfect, others such as the Super Sani-Cloth Purple have a high alcohol content and require only a 2-minute kill time.

Which one is right for you will depend on how long you have between clients, how resistant your surfaces are to damage, and the contaminants you're most concerned about.

No matter what you're looking for though, you can find it with SurgiMac. They've partnered with all the major brands, like PDI, Metrex, and McKesson, to make sure that their products are available locally, within the USA, with same-day shipping.

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