Top London Agency Offers Syndicated Digital Marketing Service For FinTech & DeFi

May 10, 2024

Are you looking to scale your financial services or DeFi company, but are struggling to gain exposure? Dexy Media can help, offering custom, multi-channel content marketing services.

Digital Marketing Is Changing

In our digital economy, the only thing constant is change. Innovation in step with shifting policy, a constant arms race to keep in line with ever-moving goal posts. Starting a new business in an environment like that and orienting your marketing strategy can be difficult for those reasons (and many others).

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It's not all bad, though. While the hustle is never going away, the creation of huge marketing networks allows new businesses like yours to foster an audience faster and on a larger scale than ever before - you just have to know how to play the game.

Enter: Dexy Media. This London-based digital marketing agency lives and breathes innovation, and is now promoting its multi-media, omnichannel digital marketing services for companies in the FinTech and DeFi industry!

What Is Dexy Media?

Dexy Media is your partner in the digital advertising space, helping you to reach a massive audience with virtually no effort on your part. The marketing landscape is a dense forest, and you can consider Dexy Media your local guide through the rough terrain!

Dexy Media creates targeted, custom, multi-media campaigns for your company across a network of hundreds of independently owned, syndicated sites. Their method is intended to work at any scale and on virtually any budget, with monthly and one-off plans available depending on your needs.

The sites in the Dexy Media network have been selected as hotspots in the financial industry and in DeFi especially, with a pre-filtered audience of qualified leads. Initial case studies showed promising results for those with little to no existing audience or brand visibility, generating substantial traffic over the course of a multi-campaign series.

Fast Service, Solid Results

The process of brand promotion through Dexy Media has been designed to be simple and quick, offering your business a way to generate passive audience engagement without being directly involved in the promotion process. The discovery phase consists of a short survey, after which content will be created based on your request.

The turnaround time for campaigns launched through this service is typically under 48 hours depending on the scope of the request. Following your approval, multi-media content is published instantly through syndicated channels, with additional after-action analytics available after a few days.

More About Dexy Media

Shampa Bell, consultant and innovator for the finance and DeFi industry, has seen the power that AI marketing tools can have when deployed correctly and is now helping to usher in a new era in the financial services industry. By founding Dexy Media, she hopes to empower local growth on an international scale.

Regarding her agency's service, Shampa Bell stated, “Our team consists of writers, developers and advertising professionals that have helped hundreds of businesses get more clients, patients and customers in a variety of industries. We help you to reach your best clients by crafting meaningful hyper-local ads and media coverage. If there’s a service you offer in a specific location, neighbourhood, or region, we help you get seen.”

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