Top EV Charger Install: My Home Electrician For One-Day Denton, TX Installations

Jun 11, 2024

Is your home EV-ready? Call My Home Electrician for expert charging tech installations in Denton and across Northwest Texas! (469-901-4868)

Have you made the switch to an electric car or thinking of getting one? Do you have concerns about charging technology? Are you wondering if your home electrical grid is up to the task of charging an electric vehicle?

Reach out to My Home Electrician, LLC – a licensed electrical services provider based in Pilot Point, TX. Get expert electric vehicle charging station installations in Northwest Texas. More details at

With a team of fully licensed, insured, and highly-trained technicians, the company offers you fast and efficient setups for all major EV brands including Tesla, Ford, BMW, Audi, Chevy, and Porsche.

Sizing Up Your Solution

My Home Electrician performs a detailed inspection of your location, assesses the types of vehicles you have, and gains a working understanding of your existing electrical setup. This research enables the technicians to determine your most efficient and cost-effective solution. The company is committed to helping you switch to renewable energy while minimizing any practical issues with home or workplace-based charging points.

Texan Trends

According to Qmerit, the number of registered electric vehicles in Texas grew beyond 200,000 in 2023 and crossed 250,000 this year. While this figure represents only 5% of all Texans, it is a significant increase. Whether you're in the camp that likes trucks and oil powered vehicles or you see the value in electric vehicles, infrastructure has already shifted and electrical vehicles are here to stay as part of the transportation mix. Electric trucks and electric cars will gain more market share once manufacturers solve people's 2 biggest concerns about electric trucks and cars. Studies suggest that most drivers are reluctant to make the switch because of concerns related to charging range and adequate EV charging facilities.


The charging tech installations account not only for present needs but also for future EV advances, allowing you to make upgrades and improvements as technology and capacity develop over time. After the initial site assessment, the team lays out its proposals for charging models and the installation plans. All services are delivered with precision and care, ensuring that all equipment is installed according to the latest safety standards.


Once complete, technicians undertake comprehensive testing procedures to ensure that your system is functioning optimally. You'll also get a demo to show you how to operate the charger and keep an eye on performance levels.

Fast Turnaround - Fast Charging

The installations can take up to one day to complete but many are finished within a few hours. If your home doesn't currently have the incoming service capacity to support a charger's amperage, the company may be able to upgrade your electrical panel or meter.

Call My Home Electrician – the company leading the charge for electric vehicle power in Northwest Texas!

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