Top ERTC Specialists For Audit Proof Claim: 2024 Maximum COVID Rebate Guarantee

May 8, 2024

Claim Your ERC Recovery benefits, right now. No, seriously, right now – it only takes few minutes to answer some questions, and the experts at Claim Your ERC Recovery will handle the rest. They’ll even make sure you’re audit-proof, and get the maximum amount back.

If you've been doing business in America the last few years, then you've already heard of the ERTC, or ERC, or Employee Retention Tax Credit program - what you call it doesn't really matter.

What matters is that, if you're here, reading this, then you probably haven't claimed your rebates yet. My advice is to fix that, right now. Click right here to take the free eligibility test and claim your refund, before it's too late.

Honestly, I can't imagine why you're taking so long, it's already been four years - and it's so easy to claim.... as long as you get to it before the deadline.

With the latest round of changes, it is now too late to claim benefits from wages paid in 2020. You missed out.

However, there is some good news. Refunds are still available for wages paid in 2021.

Only if you get your application in on time though - you have until April 15th, 2025, but I wouldn't wait around if I was you. These deadlines have a habit of changing, and they only get closer, not further away.

How To Claim The Maximum Amount, Quick & Easy

This is the big secret, so are you ready?

Just use "Claim Your ERC Recovery." It's easy.

No, seriously, “Claim Your ERC Recovery” offers a fast application service that uses only local American CPAs who specialize in the ERTC program. It's everything you need, in a simple, no-nonsense package.

To make 100% sure that your business receives its maximum allowable rebate, the program has 3 specialists examine each account individually and compare their results. It's because of this triple-checking system, a spokesperson explained, that “On average, our refunds are 40-120% higher than those of large payroll & software companies.”

Like I always say, if you want the job done fast, ask a computer - but if you want it done right, ask a specialist.

Do You Qualify? For How Much?

This is, I swear, my favorite question. Why?

Because the answer is so easy - it's yes, almost certainly, and how much is easy to find out.

If you're not sure, there are dozens of super easy, super fast, simple eligibility tests, with no downsides. They're absolutely free with no tricks, and no obligation.

Here's a link right to a good one - it's just 10 easy questions with no proprietary business information, and here's the cool part: When you're done, you'll also get an estimate of how much you're likely eligible for.

If the answer is $0, well, you've only wasted one minute - but the answer is practically never $0, and when you see the large number of dollars you can claim, the application process is a breeze.

Disqualified Smischqualishied

Okay, that sub-headline doesn't make a lot of sense, but then, neither do the reasons people think they're disqualified from claiming a rebate.

If you think you can't qualify, just take the eligibility test anyways, because you're likely wrong.

You may be eligible even if you were previously disqualified, because the program has gone through several changes, including expansions to the eligibility requirements. One of the most common examples is business owners who have already received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. While these businesses were originally disqualified, you can now claim benefits from both programs.

It's safe too, guaranteed - and that's another benefit of using humans to plan your rebate, and not software.

Every application includes a “Sleep Well Guarantee” from the “Claim Your ERC Recovery” CPA team. They'll provide verified evidence and paper trails in the rare case of an audit, but just knowing it's there is usually enough.

The company never uses automated tools to process or file claims, and has customer service agents available on request to provide more detailed information, if you're still not sure.

Whatever you do though, just make sure you take the test. It's free, easy, fast, and so worth it.

Rebates are available for most businesses that remained open during the pandemic, had between 5 and 500 W-2 employees on the payroll, and were negatively affected by the pandemic in some way.

That's pretty much everyone.

Claims can even be made by startups founded during the pandemic, and non-profit organizations such as schools, churches, and performing arts centers.

If you haven't claimed a rebate yet - there's probably one with your name on it, just waiting.

Don't be rude and leave it waiting forever, claim it today, the easy way, at

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