Top Dubai Immigration Agency For Australia Student Visas & Post-Study Work

Nov 30, 2022

Look at your options: what place has all of this: a) fantastic weather – and clean air! b) great universities and c) a serious need for international migrants? That’s Australia! Call Y-Axis Middle East (+971-0-42-48-3900) today!

Top Dubai Immigration Agency For Australia Student Visas & Post-Study Work

Australia has five universities in the global top 50 according to one leading publication. Most of them are a stone's throw from the beach - plus, everyone is hiring these days!

Y-Axis Middle East, a branch of the world’s largest B2C immigration and visa consultancy, has updated its advisory services in response to the Australian government’s announcement that it will again impose restrictions on work hours during the period of the student’s enrollment. But the government has also stated that the country will broaden the post-study work rights for foreign students in industries facing skills shortages. The unrestricted work schedule for holders of Australian student visas will be effective until June 30, 2023.

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The well-established firm now offers custom consulting packages and intensive English-language training to candidates for Australian student visas, who might consider educational opportunities as a stepping-stone to work visas and permanent residency. The company, a Platinum partner of the British Council maintains its own accredited IELTS & PTE in-house testing centre and offers coaching services to match your schedule - online, in-class, live stream, and private.

While the current - temporarily relaxed - regulations were implemented to help address Australia’s post-pandemic labour crisis, "the number of hours will be revised with a view to finding the right balance between work and study," according to the Australian government’s statement. While the pre-pandemic rule allowed students to work for 40 hours every two weeks, it is not yet clear if those measures will be reinstated exactly.

However, it is expected that post-study work rights will be expanded if you're in one of the prioritized fields of study - including IT, engineering, and nursing. Currently, international undergrad students can stay in the country for two years, master's degree candidates are allowed to stay for three years and doctorate hopefuls for four years.

Since students who have completed their studies in Australia can apply for post-study work permits or temporary graduate visas (subclass 485), the matter of post-study employment as a path to permanent residency can be handled by Y-Axis Middle East in consultation with you and the company’s MARA-registered Melbourne agents.

Australia boasts world-class universities, and Y-Axis Middle East strongly encourages you to apply for a student visa if you're interested in getting a top-quality education and securing work opportunities on the path to permanent residency. Timely submission of appropriate - and correct - documentation is required, and the entire process can be managed by your Y-Axis certified consultant.

One client said: “My tutor met my expectations and guided me about the university shortlisting process. I especially appreciate the standardized process Y-Axis follows, which doesn't allow any room for confusion at any stage. I would strongly recommend Y-Axis services to students who are willing to take Graduate or Postgraduate courses overseas.”

Even if you aren't sure, you should check in for a free consultation and consider your options - especially this one!

You can call +971-0-42-48-3900 or go to and see for yourself the range of visa opportunities available.

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