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Nov 28, 2023

Want to reach more local patients in Austin with content marketing tailored to your needs? Call Ibex Media at +1-613-325-1975!

So – you want to leapfrog your competitors and get found at the top of Google searches for Austin dentists? Let the team at Ibex Media handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on treating patients!

The agency offers fully managed content creation at scale, with an expert team publishing branded news articles, audio advertisements, and slideshows on major channels. The goal is to establish ‘omnipresence’, with simultaneous cross-platform rankings driving qualified leads to your website.

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Leverage domain authority from top-performing sites

With Ibex Media, you don’t have to rely on posting content on your own blog - which can often struggle to gain traction and rank effectively. The agency distributes content across a diverse range of platforms, all selected for domain authority, so you can leverage existing credibility to improve your web presence.

Industry research shows the power of localized internet searches in driving new business - because according to BusinessDIT, there are over 1.5 billion 'near me' searches performed every month. Capturing this demand is key, Ibex Media says, and its targeted content will enable you to rank higher in these influential local searches.

Ranking well for localized keywords provides you the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your field. With thoughtful, helpful content that answers patients' questions, you can nurture prospects and convert them to long-term patients over time.

Harness the power of multimedia marketing

The multimedia content produced will showcase your expertise through articles, slide decks, videos, and more. Approachable educational content will explain dental treatments and procedures in plain language combined with visuals, while special offers and promotions can also feature prominently, aiming to convert informed prospects into patients.

Ibex Media will collaborate closely with you to map out an ongoing content marketing strategy customized to your specific goals. The focus will be on fueling steady brand growth and visibility gains over the long term, all tracked and measured through ‘snapshot’ reports.

The initial area focus centers on Austin itself. As the foundation solidifies, expansion to the broader Central Texas region will further extend your reputation and recognition, so compelling content, search visibility, and word-of-mouth referrals can then feed off each other, compounding practice growth efforts.

A spokesperson states: “We get you featured on major news sites, high-traffic blogs, podcast sites, and more by employing our amplification strategy - with high-end, carefully constructed content that features your business in front of your target audience.”

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