Top Columbus Long-Distance & Interstate Movers Use Moving Blankets: Here’s Why

Jun 3, 2024

Planning to move to a new home in a faraway place? Whether it’s Columbus or Cleveland, let explain why moving blankets shouldn’t be forgotten with this guide…

Learn How Moving Blankets Can Help Your Relocation…

What do you think are the most important supplies when it comes to home moving? Boxes? Tape? Sure, but don’t forget about moving blankets! knows that these items should be part of every move - read its guide to find out why!

This document will show you all about the vital role moving blankets play during home relocations. They help to protect heavy items such as furniture as well as wood flooring - preventing scratches and other unsightly forms of damage. points to these blankets as an essential accessory for families and individuals planning to move house - whether in Columbus or elsewhere. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that such blankets, or furniture pads, are used only by professional movers. You can make them a part of your preparation process - and what’s more, you should!

Due to their versatility and usefulness in the home moving process, they’re just as crucial as packing tape and boxes. You can find moving blankets at an array of sources - spanning online retailers to home supply stores.

And that’s not all…

Scratches and marks aren’t the only outcomes that furniture pads can prevent. In fact, they also serve to shield your items from dust and debris… think about the lengthy journey your belongings will take in the moving truck!

As written in the guide: “When you wrap your furniture in moving blankets it protects them from not only the dust from the moving truck but the dirt from outside and even the elements. If your table, couch, or desk is wrapped up in furniture pads you don’t have to worry about snow, rain, or even dust.”

Their protective qualities are also applicable for items outside of large furniture pieces - you can cover fragile belongings in blankets within boxes. Doing so fills empty space that might otherwise cause your items to shift during transit - and that’ll reduce the risk of damage.

Professional movers swear by furniture pads, which are widely used by reputable relocation crews. See for yourself - serves as a directory of companies in Columbus and across the United States, including teams who’ll bring moving blankets together with rented moving trucks.

It’s not a blanket statement to say that these movers will make sure your relocation goes smoothly!

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