Top Buyer’s Agent Shares Strategies in Buying Homes in California

Apr 4, 2019

Know the latest market conditions of California and the strategies in purchasing home in a competitive market. The report includes median prices in various cities/areas within the state.

  • top buyer s agent shares strategies in buying homes in california
  • top buyer s agent shares strategies in buying homes in california

Skyfor’s top buyers agent in San Francisco, CA interprets new data that will help home buyers determine the direction of the market, and strategies for buying. The report examines the current median price of homes in California and in some big cities within the state. The figures show that as of February 2019, the median home value in California is $548,800. California home values have gone up 3.2% over the past year and they may rise 3.1% within the next year based on predictions. Meanwhile, condo/town home sales were up 15% last months to an average price of $450,000.

More information about the strategies and tips in buying homes in California, can be found at

The report examines latest market updates in the following cities: 1) Greater Los Angeles. 2) The Bay Area & San Francisco 3) Sacramento: 4) Contra Costa 5) Santa Clara.

The agent in Skyfor’s Buyer Agents national network also discussed the three factors that consumers need to keep in mind when buying homes in California. First on the list is the competition with all-cash buyers.The growth of all-cash buyers in the market makes it harder to close on homes, especially to the consumers who need financing. In the San Francisco market, the buyer’s agent shared one of her strategies to compete with all-cash buyers. A top strategy is to provide the seller an introductory letter from the consumer that includes their photo, a pre-approved loan letter, and their purpose in purchasing the house. This will give sellers background knowledge about the buyer, their interests, and their commitment to the purchase.

The report also goes into detail about the other two most important factors involved in buying a home in California, including offer presentation and how to deal with contingencies.

In a competitive market like California, a lot of changes may occur within a month or two with regards to price trends and available inventory. That is why consumers need to hire top local real estate agent who keeps a daily watch on the market. In this way, consumers will have a higher chances of closing the deal. Some of the San Francisco areas served by the agent include Belmont, Bernal Heights, Burlingame, Daly City, Dog Patch, Glen Park, Hayes Valley, Noe Valley, Pacific Heights, Hillsborough, Redwood City, Parkside, Potrero Hill, Richmond, San Francisco (city and county), San Mateo, San Carlos, Soma, and Sunnyside. This agent’s expertise is clearly evident in her strategic insights into the California real estate market, especially in San Francisco.

Proper preparation and assistance from the best agent is the key to a successful home buying experience. A free list of top-notch California agents may be obtained at For top agents throughout the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica, contact the Buyer Agent Search service through the web pages mentioned above.

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