Top Brisbane EMS Fitness Studio Offers Abs & Glutes Muscle Stimulation Classes

Jul 18, 2023

Are you ready to try the next best thing in EMS fitness? Sign up for a class at LeanSuits Fitness (0452 478 487) in Brisbane today! You won’t regret that you did!

A lot of fitness studios try to sell their clients on a new technology or piece of equipment that will revolutionize their workouts and change their lives. In the case of LeanSuits Fitness, however, they have the research and results to back their technology up!

The Brisbane fitness studio offers a variety of different EMS fitness classes intended to help you get lean and toned while improving your strength, fitness, speed, and endurance. During the classes, you wear an innovative LeanSuit, which is designed to help you reach your fitness goals quicker.

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EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is a full-body method of training in which your muscle fibres are stimulated, causing your muscle tissues to work harder and more effectively. With EMS training, 90% of your body’s muscle fibres are activated, compared to just 30% during a normal workout.

The LeanSuits are skin-tight bodysuits fitted with strategically-placed electrodes that send small electrical currents into your major muscle groups. The suits—which are available for every body size and shape—are capable of stimulating over 300 muscles at once.

The suits have been rigorously tested and researched to ensure safety and functionality. The EMS technology is backed by over 4,500 studios across Europe, and it is growing in popularity in North America, too.

You wear the LeanSuits while participating in one of LeanSuits Fitness’s many EMS training classes. The classes are designed to help you achieve a variety of different fitness goals. For example, the Tone Up and Lean Up classes are if you want to slim down and get defined muscle. Strong & Lean mixes cardio and strength-based movements so you get fit and firm. Extreme Lean Bikes integrates air-resistance bikes into the workout for a more challenging class with higher cardio gains.

The classes generally last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes and are held at one of LeanSuits Fitness’s two training studios, either in Newmarket or Toowong.

For optimal results, LeanSuits Fitness Recommends that you start with two 20-minute sessions per week, eventually working your way up to three sessions per week. By following this schedule, you can expect to be fitter, stronger and leaner in as little as six weeks.

“I’ve had injuries and health setbacks that made me think fitness and health were out of reach or even impossible,” said Chris Miller, Founder and CEO of LeanSuits Fitness. “Through EMS training, I was able to walk and run again and be in the best shape of my life. I started LeanSuits Fitness to help people of all sizes, shapes, and fitness levels overcome their ‘impossible’ too.”

You can sign up for a class by visiting the LeanSuits Fitness website. Single classes start at $75. Membership options—where you can choose one, two, or three sessions per week—are also available. LeanSuits Fitness also offers free trial sessions if you want to learn more about EMS training.

Visit today and you'll be seeing results in no time!

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