Top Ankle Pain Experts With No Wait List At London Self-Referral Clinic

Jul 18, 2023

In pain? Don’t wait for an appointment, just call MSK Doctors (0330 001 0048). They have no waiting list, don’t require a referral from your GP, and have access to the top specialists, advanced treatments, and cutting-edge technology that you’re looking for.

When you're in pain it's hard to think, hard to act, and well, it just generally makes life more difficult, even if it's not restricting your mobility.

Worse than that though - if you let an injury go untreated it can start to cause more damage, or the damage it's already caused can become harder to heal.

That's why doctors always recommend that you schedule an appointment as early as you can after an injury - because the sooner you get started with your treatment, the sooner you'll be back to 100%.

If you, or someone you love, has been injured - what are you waiting for?

You can schedule an appointment with a specialist right now, from your computer or phone. All you have to do is call MSK Doctors at 0330 001 0048, or visit their website and click "Book Online" in the top right corner.

The specialist team at the private clinic can get you in for a consultation, diagnosis, or even treatment, faster than you might think, thanks to their no-waiting list policy. Just visit

It's okay if you've never been there before. The self-referral program is open to all new and returning clients, no matter what condition you're looking to treat. I don't want to make any promises, but with a full team of specialists and no waitlist, you can often get in to see someone almost immediately, and you can get the results of your diagnostic scans in as little as 24 hours after your appointment.

They offer the full range of traditional treatments that you would expect, but they also offer a selection of “regenerative medicine” treatments that are not available in most clinics. These techniques are well-researched and proven both safe and effective, and they are often considered less invasive than the traditional options - the only reason they're not available in most clinics is that they're too new and advanced, so most doctors simply haven't had the training for them yet.

As a private clinic, MSK Doctors have access to innovative diagnostic equipment that you can't find anywhere else in the county. Using their Open MRI scanner, you can get detailed medical scans that do not give off any ionizing radiation, and it's way more comfortable too. Their advanced scanner also allows for new types of imaging, such as a Dynamic Scan, which shows how your injured joint appears while it is in motion.

It's like a short video, but it shows what's happening inside of your body, while you're moving. But don't try that trick in a traditional MRI or an X-ray, or all you'll get is a big blur for your test results!

While you likely only need a single scan, the clinic lets you schedule diagnostic scans for up to three areas of the body per visit. You should know in advance though that each additional scan will add approximately 45 minutes to your appointment.

After your scans are completed, you get access to all the results. This includes a digital copy of your MRI, a consultant radiologist report, and a referral to one of the clinic’s musculoskeletal specialists, at a preferred rate.

That's pretty neat, but what if you want to know more about what's going on?

This is my favourite part - you can schedule a face-to-face or screen share appointment with the clinic's Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, and they'll go over your results with you, slide by slide - so you're fully in the know.

As one of their specialists explained, “Trauma can cause damage to the cartilage in your ankle. If left untreated it can lead to osteoarthritis which will make every step you take painful. There are new treatment techniques which means that it may be possible to regenerate the damaged cartilage.”

Your health is important - at MSK Doctors you'll get more than just premium care, you'll also be fully informed at every step, be a part of the decision-making process, and never have to join a waiting list.

One call or click on their website to schedule an appointment, and Bob's your uncle.

Get the best care, fast, at

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