Top Amazon FBA Automated Passive Income Webstore-By Katie Melissa & Marco Derhy

Aug 2, 2022

Marco Derhy has published its latest blog post on how Katie Melissa the founder, and CEO of Elite Automation can help e-commerce sellers build and scale their own profitable e-commerce stores.

Top Amazon FBA Automated Passive Income Webstore-By Katie Melissa & Marco Derhy

Katie Melissa, the founder, and CEO of Elite Automation, and Marco Derhy have published a new Q&A article on "How Elite Automation can help to Build and Scale E-Commerce Stores," which sheds light on the most important aspects of selling on multiple e-commerce marketplaces and creating passive income streams through e-commerce & Online Business for e-commerce Sellers.

This is for people interested in creating a new stream of (primarily) passive income, people who have capital sitting around collecting dust in savings accounts at their bank.

One of the most important pieces of information the article tries to convey and communicate is that in a dynamic and competitive industry like e-commerce, you should always try to stay ahead of the curve. The best example of this is perhaps found in the following extract:

The goal of Elite Automation is to help and educate people to create a new stream of (primarily) passive income. Meanwhile, inflation is dangerously high. These stores are increasingly lucrative, profitable, and sustainable.

Katie Melissa's company Elite Automation has a trusted solution program to build, manage, and scale their clients' very own Amazon FBA stores. This should be of particular interest to (e-commerce sellers) because, with Katie melissa at Elite Automation all stores will become increasingly lucrative, profitable, and sustainable.

One of The best parts is that participants with Katie Melissa's program will only be responsible for paying invoices and for inventory batches when reminded. Elite Automation does all the rest. Related source Q&A article with Katie Melissa is available to view and comment on here

In discussing the Q&A article creation, Katie Melissa, Owner, and Founder at Elite Automation said:

"I began my entrepreneurial journey when I decided to put school on "pause" in 2016. Growing up, I actually loved school and had an acute desire to keep learning. However- entrepreneurship runs in my family. I kept having persistent ideas come to me, which called for my full time and effort. When I had my first 5 figure month, I dropped out of school to dedicate more time to growing that first e-commerce store. After this early glimmer of success, I launched a few more stores on other platforms and had to learn and adapt quickly."

Katie Melissa the founder, and CEO of Elite Automation is happy to announce that her company will continue helping and educating e-commerce students globally. Katie is also thrilled to announce that anyone that participates in opening an Online Amazon store with her Elite Automation management company for passive income is in turn, participating in helping protect the environment. New clients should understand that Katie’s company is committed to giving back to society and Mother Earth by planting more trees every year in partnership with the One Tree Planted organization. A portion of earnings goes toward planting trees around the globe.

"Katie Melissa, Founder of Elite Automation, is also committed to Affordable assistance on all services is also available for our beloved Veterans to give thanks and salute for their service.

The regular readers will notice that Katie’s Q&A article takes a familiar tone, which has been described as 'Inspirational, informative, and educational.’

Katie Melissa and Marco Derhy welcome comments and questions from readers as they intend to get a real idea of what people (especially e-commerce sellers) think on the matter and interact with people who have a strong interest in e-commerce. The reason is simply that this will help them craft the best content and provide the best experience for their readers and target audience.

In related news, a new book is also coming soon, “The Inspiring Success stories” by Katie Melissa and Marco Derhy. In the book, Katie sheds light on the most important aspects of selling on multiple e-commerce marketplaces and creating largely passive income streams through E-Commerce & Online Business for e-commerce sellers.

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