Too Sweet to Eat

Sep 24, 2022

The Lollipop sculptures by Elena Bulatova are artworks sweet enough to eat – but be wary – these are to feast your eyes only! These realistic candy sculptures are dripping with sweet satisfaction and come in bright colors, just like a real candy.

Too Sweet to Eat

The Lollipop sculptures that make your mouth water – Elena Bulatova who has achieved realism in an unexpected genre – candy! She challenges her audience and collectors to take a closer look at her glossy, bright-colored artworks that depict the real lollipops we all know from childhood. Artist Elena Bulatova has been making artwork for over a decade. She has become internationally recognized for her Lollipop sculptures, which over the years have ranged in size from micro to larger-than-life or monumental.

Elena Bulatova uses color and shines when creating her candies, making them so realistic that they lure, charm, and surprise their audience. The image of the melting lollipop is a familiar symbol of reward and delight. These colorful artworks remind us of a carefree childhood when we craved sweets. We can still take pleasure in the bright colors and nostalgic memories of childhood when we look at artwork by Bulatova.

Through Bulatova’s creative use of scale, color, and forms – the lollipops we normally take for granted consuming as fast as possible, become aesthetically pleasing visual artworks that can last a lifetime. “My colorful, entertaining and impeccably produced lollipops activate the cravings people have for the things that give them pleasure and force them to surrender” explains Elena Bulatova about her collection. These powerful artworks can be made larger than 12 tall, and give a fun and whimsical presence to an outdoor space.

Bulatova’s Lollipops in varying sizes bring a pop of color and a lighthearted attitude to any setting, and are available to be made in custom colors or sizes – including rainbow! “Lollipops” by Elena Bulatova have appeared in numerous Hollywood features and range from table top chrome pops to larger-than-life masterpieces. Some of her largest editions can be seen in Top Hit Netflix shows Inventing Anna, Lucifer and in private estates around the globe.

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