Tony Selimi’s New Book: Achieving Success & Positive Development Beyond Oneself

Oct 31, 2022

Find out how to leave your comfort zone and enter your growth zone with Tony J. Selimi’s bestseller, “A Path to Excellence: The Blueprint to Achieving Your Greatest Potential”.

Tony Selimi’s New Book: Achieving Success & Positive Development Beyond Oneself

Your comfort zone may be nice and cozy, but it's a dangerous place. Here's why:

   •You don't learn and don't challenge yourself.

   •You become lazy and start procrastinating.

   •It's holding you back from all the great things you could accomplish!

If you want to discover an effective and proven path to achieve your greatest potential and live the life you desire, read Tony Selimi's book, "A Path to Excellence." It blends the philosophy of excellence with actionable strategies you can implement to feel more inspired, focused, and empowered to pursue your goals and succeed in life and business.

According to recent research by the University of California, Berkeley, people typically face more internal than external obstacles during their working lives. They can include a lack of confidence, fear of change or failure, perfectionism, overwhelm, procrastination, doubts, and poor motivation. Do any of these sound familiar?

"A Path to Excellence" addresses the common internal barriers to success and fulfillment, providing you with tools for changing your mindset. The principles outlined in the book can be applied to enhance professional and business performance, as well as achieve success in other aspects of life - relationships, family, social, emotional, and spiritual.

According to Tony J. Selimi, if you want to achieve excellence in your personal life or business, it's wise to focus on discovering why life is truly an adventure worth living, leading, and loving. And how by pursuing your dream life where experiences are self-expressed genuine, and joyful, you'll realize that personal excellence is within your control.

"Extraordinary living requires a commitment to achieving personal excellence, developing a growth mindset, and a dedication to accomplishing a vision beyond yourself," says Tony. "It involves perseverance, the courage to be vulnerable and leave your comfort zone, the ability to make informed choices and wise decisions, and taking full responsibility for the life you want to create."

In "A Path to Excellence," Tony J. Selimi shares his insights from over 30 years of experience in cross-disciplinary studies, including human behavior, and his inspiring journey from being homeless in London to becoming a world-renowned and multi-award winning author, speaker, filmmaker, transformational life strategist, and business coach.

The book introduces the Octagon of Excellence, a method that comprises eight principles for overcoming obstacles and frustration you'll encounter through eight critical cycles of life, turning perceived roadblocks into opportunities and enhancing every aspect of your life. You will also learn the three key strategies for achieving excellence.

You can purchase the book in print, audiobook, and Kindle formats from all major book retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones.

One of the readers said, "Tony's new book is an amalgamation of in-depth knowledge of science and spirit into a life-transforming and easy-to-digest method that teaches you how to turn life's greatest challenges into a blueprint to achieving your wildest dreams while pursuing a path of excellence. Read it cover to cover and multiple times, and you will see how your life will change for the better and forever."

Every day is an opportunity to make a positive change in your life. Start today!

Go to to get your copy!

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