Tomball’s Top Exterminator Uses Botanical Oil Pesticides To Prevent Rodents

Nov 29, 2023

Have rats and mice turned your Tomball, TX home or business into their sanctuary? Then call the experts at Just-in-Time Termite & Pest (832-420-2110) and have them removed immediately!

In the winter alone, over 21 million American homes and businesses are invaded by rodents. While a lot of these invasions can be dealt with using simple over-the-counter solutions, most of them require professional help, and if you live in Tomball, TX, the best professionals around are those at Just-in-Time Termite & Pest!

They offer comprehensive rodent control services designed to keep your home or business free of potentially harmful disease-carrying rats and mice. Their rodent control treatments can be applied indoors and outdoors and are effective up to 20 feet.

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Why Are Rodent Invasions So Prevalent In The Winter?

During the winter, food and heat sources can be scarce, and as a result, many rodents seek refuge in homes and business premises. “Rats and mice will find creative ways to infiltrate your property, from cracks in the walls to open doors and windows,” explains a Just-in-Time Termite & Pest spokesperson. “Our rodent control services are designed to repel them before they get too close.”

How Does Just-in-Time Termite & Pest Deal With Rodent Invasions?

Typically, Just-in-Time Termite & Pest takes a preventative approach when it comes to getting rid of rodents, removing potential breeding areas, treating high-risk intrusion points, and establishing a barrier around your property. However, if rodents have already infested your property, they turn to traps, repellents, and other rodenticides.

When selecting an eradication method, Just-in-Time Termite & Pest opts for the most humane, safe, and natural mechanisms possible. One of their preferred product lines is Nature-Cide’s series of environmentally friendly pesticides, which use pleasant-smelling botanical oils to exterminate insects and repel rodents and other mammalian pests.

Their rodent control solutions can be applied to any property, no matter its size, age, or architecture. While a large portion of their calls are for residential properties, they frequently get asked to treat retail stores, restaurants, schools, and other public and private premises.

Why Should I Hire Just-in-Time Termite & Pest?

Just-in-Time Termite & Pests' services have been proven to minimize infestations and prevent rodents from causing more serious structural damage. Moreover, if you get your property treated for rodents, you significantly reduce the chances of contaminants and diseases infiltrating your home or business.

“We had Just-in-Time Termite & Pest come out to remove some rodents from under our deck and shed,” said a satisfied client. “They also put in preventative measures to stop any more pests from making a nest there again. They were pleasant and professional and even gave us some great tips on stopping moles from wrecking our lawn. We would highly recommend them.”

Just-in-Time Termite & Pest has been ridding homes and businesses in the greater North Houston of rodents and other pests for over 12 years. The company provides free inspections and estimates for all pest control projects as well as affordable, competitive pricing for all of its services.

In addition to rodents, Just-in-Time Termite & Pest handles several other pests through its general pest control services, including roaches, spiders, silverfish, pillbugs, crickets, earwigs, rover ants, pharaoh ants, scorpions, and fire ants. They also offer specialized treatments for termites and mosquitoes.

Visit today to keep your property rat and mice-free!

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