Tired of Scooping Dog Poop In Halifax, NS? Let Pet Waste Removal Experts Help!

Jun 28, 2024

If your pet is pooping faster than you can scoop, Poop Scoop Troop (+1 782 234 2229) provides pet waste removal services, with flexible scheduling and accessible pricing available for homes and work facilities.

You adore your cuddly pooch, but let's face it - being a pet owner also comes with some not-so-pleasant responsibilities! If keeping up with the poop flow is wearing you out, hire the pet waste removal professionals at Poop Scoop Troop!

Learn more at https://poopscooptroop.ca

Residential and commercial pet waste removal services from Poop Scoop Troop are available for weekly, bi-weekly, seasonal, or one-time cleanups.

Keep Outdoor Spaces Clean

As your pet spends more time outside during the summer months and waste quickly starts to pile up, the locally owned, senior-led organization is committed to helping you keep your yard or garden clean.

Statistics from the American Kennel Club show that healthy adult dogs normally defecate at least 1-2 times a day, meaning feces can accumulate quickly on lawns or in backyards. To help save you time, energy, and inconvenience, Poop Scoop Troop can make sure smelly excrement gets cleaned up quickly.

Save Time & Energy

“Ultimately, Poop Scoop Troop is all about making life easier for pet owners,” explains a spokesperson. “With this service, you can say goodbye to the unpleasant task of waste cleanup and hello to more free time and a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your pet.”

Founded by Darren Biddle, an entrepreneur with a zest for life and a nose for helping those in need, Poop Scoop Troop is made up of employees who share a love for canine companions and who work to create stress-free, odor-free outdoor spaces.

The senior-run business allows senior citizens to earn income while providing a fundamentally important service throughout the entire Halifax area, including for residents of Fairview, Clayton Park, Spryfield, Purcell Cove Road, Bedford, Sackville, and Beechville.

Enjoy Accessible Pricing

With the company’s accessible pricing scheme, you can sign up for a weekly cleanup, or save money with a monthly subscription. Prices start at $25 per week, and yards larger than ¼ acre or with numerous dogs may incur extra fees. There are no contracts or obligations and you may cancel at any time.

Previous customers give positive reviews for Poop Scoop Troop and their services. “Fantastic service,” says Carla B. “The team from Poop Scoop Troop arrived promptly and did an amazing job cleaning up our yard. They were thorough, efficient, and left everything spotless. Highly recommend their reliable, professional service!”

Stop worrying about pet poop in your yard - sign up with Poop Scoop Troop today!

Find more information and book a pet waste cleanup at https://poopscooptroop.ca

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