Times Square NYC Interactive Billboard Marketing Capabilities: Case Study

Jun 21, 2024

Drumming up interest in your campaign is about getting it in front of as many eyes as possible – this case study shows how R.E.D Marketing Firm accomplished exactly that with the Nasdaq Tower Billboard Service for Yield Hunt Chapter 2 project.

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Don’t let your campaign go unnoticed. It needs attention to generate traction, and how do you accomplish that? Digital billboards are a great way to go. In fact, R.E.D Marketing Firm completed a high-visibility billboard project in Times Square - here’s how they did it!

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This case study highlights the technical specs and project requirements that came with the dynamic campaign. The work substantially raised the public profile of Yield Hunt while appealing to cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Manhattan’s thriving tourist destination. Sound good?

Specifically, the project revolved around the promotion of Yield Hunt’s Chapter 2 - a much-anticipated installment that expanded the NFT play-to-earn game’s digital token collection. You can learn all about the ways in which R.E.D Marketing Firm met the unique challenges posed by the project - making its client very happy indeed.

The case study also offers insights into the decision to market in Times Square. It’s no secret that this location provides an immense amount of constant foot traffic. In order to create a standout campaign, R.E.D Marketing Firm was able to prominently display high-impact digital signage and moving graphics on the can’t-miss Nasdaq Tower.

As explained by the case study: “The size of the billboard was 120' x 84’, making it one of the largest digital billboards in Times Square. This size was chosen to maximize visibility and create a lasting impression on the audience.” 

How the firm scaled digital heights

You’ll find a bullet-pointed list showcasing the exact specifications that R.E.D Marketing Firm had to work with, with its case study noting the static and motion artwork file types involved. The firm collaborated with its client to produce content in alignment with formatting and spot length requirements - ensuring complete digital billboard compatibility.

The document ultimately chronicles the benefits brought by the Nasdaq Tower-based project, which was completed in seven days of work despite its dizzyingly ambitious scale. That’s the level of mastery you can expect, too!

In the words of R.E.D Marketing Firm: “The project's success was due to the careful planning, marketing strategy, and our attention to detail. It demonstrated the importance of understanding the technical requirements of digital billboards to create effective advertising.” 

R.E.D Marketing Firm continues to help enterprises leverage the engagement potential of evolving technologies to drive brand awareness. Alongside digital billboard planning options, the company can help you when it comes to website design, app development, social media management, and many more.

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