Times Square Digital Billboard Advertising Cost & ROI Explained By Expert

May 31, 2024

Are you thinking of putting up a digital billboard in Times Square? R.E.D Marketing Firm’s new report breaks down the costs so you can decide if an ad in Times Square is the best marketing strategy for your business.

Times Square ads are iconic. Millions of businesses would kill to have a digital billboard up in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But, is this the right move for your business?

As a specialist in outdoor advertising solutions, R.E.D Marketing Firm has created a detailed report on the digital billboard advertising cost in Lower Manhattan.

If you're considering an ad up in Times Square, this report will help you figure out if it's worth it.

Optimize Your Ad Budget

R.E.D Marketing Firm’s main priority is helping you optimize your budget for every marketing campaign. Before you pay for a digital billboard ad in Times Square, the agency urges you to ask the question: Will I get a valuable ROI?

According to the official Times Square NYC website, with nearly 380,000 pedestrians and 115,000 drivers or passengers passing through the area by car and bus, Times Square signage advertising can expect nearly 1.5 million impressions every day. Despite the potential of advertising in Times Square to increase brand recognition by a large margin, R.E.D Marketing Firm understands that significant exposure may not always translate to direct conversions.

A Detailed Cost Breakdown

R.E.D Marketing Firm's report breaks down how location, size, traffic, billboard type, ad duration, and time of year affect the cost of digital billboard ads.

If you're looking for a thousand impressions, or carrying out a one-month promotion, these factors will determine whether you pay a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars per week on ads. For a digital billboard in Times Square, you could end up paying as much as $300,000 per month.

The report also talks about the subjective value of putting up digital billboard ads in Times Square - you should consider how your budget, target audience, marketing goals, and the serious competition will determine the success of your marketing campaign.

Achieve Your Business Goals With Measurable Results

R.E.D Marketing Firm offers a wide range of digital and traditional marketing services, including digital billboards, SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. With highly skilled marketing strategists on its team and cutting-edge technology, the agency will help you achieve your business goals with measurable results.

“As a cutting-edge digital marketing agency, we are passionate about delivering outstanding results for our clients by leveraging the power of digital technologies to drive growth, engagement, and success,” said a spokesperson for the marketing agency.

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