Thunder Bay CFAA-Certified Contractor Installs Modern Fire Alarm Systems

Jul 5, 2023

Gary Wenzel Electrical and Fire Alarm Solutions’ (807-577-9397) CFAA-Certified technicians install, maintain, and inspect fire alarm systems throughout Thunder Bay and the surrounding areas – contact the best team in town today!

Fire is devastating. It destroys everything in its path and wrecks lives. In Canada, there are approximately 16,000 structural fires every year, with 20% being incidents caused by electrical faults. Although sometimes home fires cannot be prevented, you can still take precautions to prevent tragedy. Installing a good quality fire alarm system with detectors, alarms, and suppression equipment will improve the safety of your home, providing peace of mind for your family.

Gary Wenzel Electrical and Fire Alarm Solutions in Thunder Bay are certified installers and annual inspectors for all major fire alarm manufacturers in Canada. As part of their commitment to fire safety and prevention, the contractor continuously researches fire detection technology to improve their fire alarm services.

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The team specializes in servicing and maintaining fire alarm systems, including alarm resetting, replacement and updating of faulty alarms, and repairing damaged or broken pull station covers. They also design and install new fire alarm systems.

Gary Wenzel Electrical and Fire Alarm Solutions stocks an extensive range of smoke alarms, smoke and gas detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire suppression equipment that can be installed in conjunction with a fire alarm. Their CFAA-Certified technicians are qualified to design and install complete fire prevention systems that comply with the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code. They can also draft Fire Safety Plans with all the necessary drawings and notices.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-range fire alarm system, don hesitate to hire Gary Wenzel Electrical and Fire Alarm Solutions! The team is Northwestern Ontario’s sub-distributor of the Notifier Onyx Intelligent Fire Alarm range that comes with advanced detection technology.

The Onyx Advanced Detection system offers nine levels of detector pre-alarm and alarm sensitivity settings, meaning you can customize each detector’s sensitivity to its specific environment, making distinguishing between a real fire and a false alarm easier. Sensitivity levels can also be programmed to alternate automatically between day and night.

“They are easy to work with and very understanding with respect to the scope of the project. Efficient, timely, and accommodating. Great customer service from the owner to the staff. I will use this company again for future projects.” Said Chris D, a satisfied customer.

Aside from inspecting and installing fire alarms in Thunder Bay, Gary Wenzel Electrical and Fire Alarm Solutions also provides a wide range of electrical services, including panel changes and upgrades, home security installations, wiring work, and bucket truck services.

Home fire disasters are preventable - hire the right pros in Thunder Bay!

To find out more about fire alarm services in Thunder Bay or to book an appointment with Gary Wenzel Electrical and Fire Alarm Solutions, please visit

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