Three ways to ensure your change initiatives FAIL!

Nov 23, 2020

Delivering behavioural change? Why some historically touted best practices may in fact be the cause of your failure.

A podcast released by #TLH features Steve Baker and highlights the 3 areas where organisations go wrong when delivering change.

The Podcast can be found at

The Transformation Leaders Hub has released a potentially controversial Podcast featuring Steve Baker highlighting the top three things organisations do wrong when delivering change. 

The podcast, which is 48 minutes in length examines the high and low points of delivering behavioural change, highlighting how a number of areas that have historically been touted as best practice, can in fact be the cause of failure. 

Equally, the traditional top down style of management can be counter-productive and Steve offers up a new perspective on coaching that has been proven to in the most challenging situations – one that ‘C’ Suite leaders and Change/ Transformation directors/ managers can quickly and easily adopt, if they are prepared to be open to new ideas. 

This episode of the Inside Track – Business Transformation Journeys Podcast is slightly different than previous shows, in that the discussion is not with a corporate transformation leader. Instead the discussion is with Steven Baker OBE, who has been responsible for transforming performance in extremely challenging situations such as with war zones, prisons and schools focused on ‘excluded’ children. 

However, all of Steve’s experience is absolutely transferable into the corporate world and everyone in a leadership role in business (irrespective of whether this is within the change and transformation space) will be able to get something from this episode. 

A spokesperson for The Transformation Leaders Hub, Tony Lockwood, says “Of course The Transformation Leaders Hub never sets out to intentionally upset anybody. The aim of our podcast is first and foremost to inform and provide a different perspective on the issue of delivering organisational change and on the way to manage performance within a team. For many, the ideas will be counter intuitive, but they have been proven to work in the most challenging of situations.

Although this Podcast in particular, featuring Steve Baker, by highlighting the top three things organisations do wrong when delivering change might unsettle leaders across the senior management team of organisations, we believe that our duty is to share these more radical thoughts and approaches, to push the boundaries. Given that 70% of transformational change programme fail, we believe that it is more important than ever, that leaders remain open to new ideas/ approaches and adapt their style accordingly.” 

This podcast clearly highlights the reasons why many of the traditional ways of managing change no longer work or at best are ineffective in delivering long term sustainable change. Leaders must be prepared to change their approach to be successful moving forward and it provides a simple framework to facilitate this.

The Transformation Leaders Hub (#TLH) is a community for Project, Programme, Change & Transformation Management professionals. Launched just a couple of months ago, #TLH has stated the future aims are; to provide support, guidance and create a global community amongst project, programme, change & transformation professionals and to provide a platform for them to share their ideas, approaches, skills and experience direct to organisations undergoing transformation. 

The Podcast with Steven Baker can be found on The Transformation Leaders Hub’s website –

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