This Wakefield, MA Steakhouse Has 16oz New York Strip & 32oz Long Bone Steaks

Jun 17, 2024

Whatever your favorite cut of beef is, Post 1917 (781-942-0001) in Reading, MA probably has it on its steak entrée menu! Check them out today!

Where's the beef? It's at Post 1917 in Reading, MA, that's where! Their steak entrée menu has several different cuts of high-quality Brandt Prime beef for you to choose from, from smaller 8oz and 12oz Filets to bigger 16oz and 22oz Ribeyes. The meats, which are single-breed and come from farm-to-table supply chains, are freshly prepared to your exact specifications.

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Filets & Ribeyes

The featured dishes on Post 1917’s steak entrée menu are its Filets and Ribeyes. Available both bone-in and bone-out, these dishes range in price from $49 to $74 and can be enhanced by adding one of the steakhouse’s many topping options.

“Every one of our steak entrées has been carefully designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, delicious,” explained Jason Carron, owner and head chef at Post 1917. “Whether it’s our Filets, Ribeyes, or some other succulent dish on our menu, we use only the highest-quality ingredients available to us.”

Strips, Tomahawks & Flanks

Also on the steak entrée menu are a 16oz New York Strip Steak ($64) and a massive 32oz Long Bone/Tomahawk Steak ($110). If you have a smaller appetite, you can also order the Steak Frites ($39), which is a 10oz Flank Steak that comes sliced and served with Chimichurri and Truffle Fries.


Regarding enhancements, you can choose to have your steak prepared Au Poivre, Oscar, or Kona Crusted. For toppings, Post 1917 offers Roasted Marrow Butter, Blue Cheese Butter, Lobster, Sauce Béarnaise, Post Steak Sauce, and Sauce Flights.

You also have several different side dishes to consider. Some of Post 1917's most popular are its Mashed Potatoes, Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli Rabe, and Truffle Fries. Also good choices are the Mac & Cheese and Dirty Fried Rice (both of which can be enhanced by adding lobster), Brussels sprouts & Bacon, and Exotic Mushrooms.

“From start to finish, we had an incredible dining experience at Post 1917,” said a satisfied diner. “Our steaks, which were seasoned beautifully and then cooked at 180 degrees, were so tender and flavorful. We got them with the truffle fries, too, which ended up being the perfect accompaniment. We’ll definitely be going back.”


Post 1917’s kitchen is open Tuesday to Wednesday from 5 pm to 9 pm and Thursday to Saturday from 5 pm to 10 pm. You can make a reservation by calling the number in the description or by using the booking platform on the website below.

Don't wait! Visit and reserve your table today!

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