This Vertical Raised Garden Bed With Wheels Is Flexible & Convenient: New Guide

Jan 19, 2024

Are you considering purchasing the FLEXIMOUNTS vertical garden bed but don’t know if it’s a good product? Trust Senior Surge, an online review site dedicated to the elderly, those with limited mobility, and dementia.

Gardening is a “gourd”-geous way to spend the day. And if you’re a grandparent just looking for an easy but fun way to exercise while taking care of another living being, indoor gardening is a great activity to consider.

Botany plants lately? We figured you might like the puns because humor improves with age. Check out for more ways to explore your indoor gardening hobby!

Now, you might be thinking, “I can’t garden! I live in an apartment!” Well, there’s a solution for that, too. There are so many products that are perfect for that, including a vertical garden bed. But which one should you get? Trust Senior Surge.

Elevate your gardening to new heights

Senior Surge has a new guide titled, “FLEXIMOUNTS Vertical Raised Garden Bed with Wheels: Find Freedom in Gardening”.

In this report, Senior Surge offers a comprehensive review of the FLEXIMOUNTS vertical raised beds with wheels, which is perfect if you live in a small apartment or a home without a backyard.

The vertical garden bed has been built with flexibility and convenience in mind and enables you to care for your plants easily, thanks to its built-in wheels. 

"As long as the location gets adequate sunlight and is on a stable surface, your FLEXIMOUNTS garden bed can go almost anywhere. The wheels lock in place to ensure it stays put once you’ve found the perfect spot," the guide says.

In addition, the planter can also be adjusted for height to suit the plant types you are planning to grow and your particular needs.

Want more plants? No problem!

The main benefit of the vertical structure is that it allows you to take care of multiple plants at the same time without taking up significant space. "The FLEXIMOUNTS garden bed is designed to use vertical space wisely, offering ample room for a variety of plants without sprawling across precious square footage," Senior Surge says.

Another advantage of the FLEXIMOUNTS garden beds is the integrated drainage system to prevent over-watering. This feature is especially important if you don't have a tight grip and spill water into your plants. With the drainage system, you can rest easy knowing that your plants are healthy.

The FLEXIMOUNTS garden bed comes disassembled. It’s best to ask your children or a nice young person to help you assemble it.

About Senior Surge

Senior Surge is a website dedicated to helping seniors take advantage of the latest innovations to ensure an active lifestyle from gardening tools to hiking, RV, and camping equipment. They want to help you live your life as freely and as comfortably as possible, as you explore the outdoors.

A spokesperson says, "Senior Surge reviews a range of products and services for seniors to enhance their outdoor experiences and promote active lifestyles. We especially focus on items that provide innovative and accessible solutions for seniors to enjoy nature and stay active."

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