This Vegan Skincare Brand Makes Organic Foam Washes & Face Creams For Kids

Apr 2, 2024

Your kids will love washing their faces when you get them Natural Organic Family’s vegan skincare products for children!

Getting your child to wash their face every day is just as important as getting them to clean their teeth or eat their vegetables, and though it can be difficult for even the sternest of parents, it’s a much easier challenge to overcome when you have Natural Organic Family’s vegan skincare products by your side! Their gentle foam cleansers and moisturizing face creams will have your child never wanting to leave the bathroom!

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Start Them Young!

According to WebMD, most children have their first bouts of acne between 10 and 13 years of age. However, due to factors like diet, exercise, and genetics, more and more kids are developing acne and other skin conditions between the ages of 8 and 10. 

Irrespective of if and when your child starts developing these conditions, the most effective solution for preventing and treating them remains a strict skincare regimen consisting of products like those offered by Natural Organic Family.

“At Natural Organic Family, we understand that children’s skin is delicate and requires the utmost care and attention,” explained Marili Aitken, founder and CEO of the company. “That’s why our ‘kids’ category includes natural and organic products tailored to their unique needs.”

Wash, Moisturize, Repeat!

As far as foam cleansers are concerned, Natural Organic Family's range has three face washes for you to choose from — OrangeApple, and Unscented. All three are made with sustainable ingredients, and the Orange and Apple options, in particular, are scented using essential oils, making them suitable for sensitive skin.

To complement the foam cleansers, Natural Organic Family also offers three soothing face creams — Blackberry & Ylang YlangPeppermint & Lime, and Unscented. In addition to being nourishing and calming, all three creams can be used to reduce redness and inflammation and control breakouts.

Made With Your Child & The Environment In Mind!

Besides being both vegan and sustainable, Natural Organic Family’s kid's skincare products are chemical-free and they are guaranteed to be sulfate- and paraben-free, too. Even the bottles and packaging can be recycled, making your entire order environmentally friendly.

“My poor daughter’s skin started breaking out at just 9 years old so we decided to give the Orange Foaming Face Wash from Natural Organic Family a try,” said a satisfied parent. “In less than a month her skin was clear and it has remained clear ever since. It’s gentle and effective, and she absolutely loves it.”

An Award-Winning Vegan Brand

Natural Organic Family has been providing customers around the world with plant-based skincare products since 2012. They have won several awards for their products, including the Janey Loves Platinum Awards in 2021 and 2022. 

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