This Top-Rated Clinic Offers The Best Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Near Denver CO

Jun 16, 2021

Looking for a non-invasive treatment for hair loss, low energy, or chronic pain? The Earth is Calling offers an innovative stem cell therapy that can naturally repair your damaged tissues!

Achieve optimal recovery and wellbeing with the revolutionary stem cell therapies at The Earth is Calling!

The natural health clinic in Denver, Colorado has announced the launch of their regenerative medicine therapy, a stem cell therapy using placental-derived tissue cells. The Earth is Calling provides alternative medicine therapies that include ozone therapy, IV therapy, and crystal reiki resonance therapy.

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The newly announced service offers you a non-surgical injection of placental-derived tissue cells to improve symptoms related to age and chronic diseases such as joint pain, peripheral neuropathy, hair loss, and low energy levels.

Placental-derived tissue cells, or placental stem cells, are found in the umbilical cord tissue of a newborn after birth. Obtaining these cells does no harm to the mother or the baby. Since they are stem cells, placental-derived tissue cells are able to become any cell in the human body. Because of this, these cells play an important role in repairing tissue damage and promoting the growth of healthy cells.

The Earth is Calling provides you with bio-ethically sourced placental-derived tissue cells from healthy mothers who have been carefully screened. Treatment plans are established individually and may include IV infusions, joint injections, or topical application.

Their regenerative medicine therapy uses the highest quality placental-derived tissue cells on the market. Tests have shown that their product contains 20-30% MSC’s (mesenchymal stem cells), compared to 1% MSC’s in cord blood products. Their product is made in reputable laboratories that have passed thorough FDA safety inspections.

Treatment with regenerative medicine therapy begins with a consultation and basic lab work to determine your needs and current health status. Once treatment begins, the infusions will be based on weight. Treatment with placental-derived tissue cells carries minimal risk and is non-invasive. You can usually resume normal activity the same day.

The Earth is Calling takes an individual approach to treatment and aims to address the root cause of your illness. Their treatments rely on natural therapies with demonstrated safety and effectiveness. The therapies they provide have been developed based on scientific research as well as generations of use.

With this latest announcement, The Earth is Calling continues to empower you to improve your health and well-being in a balanced way with natural therapies.

Get on the road to recovery without invasive procedures — check out The Earth is Calling’s latest stem cell therapy services today!

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