This Top ERTC Advisor Is Helping Dallas Fast-Food Restaurants Claim ERC Refunds

Aug 6, 2023

Unsure if your restaurant qualifies for Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC) refunds? Apply with confidence with ERC Tax Group’s specialized assistance service!

There’s free money waiting for American businesses that stayed open during the pandemic, and the weird part is that not many are rushing to get it.

If you’re in the hospitality business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you don’t have to make this mistake!

ERC Tax Group is now focusing its advisory services on your industry. That means that if you own a fast-food chain, restaurant group, hotel, bar, or even a food truck, you can now get expert advice from a tax consulting firm that actually specializes in the ERTC program.

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Introduced as part of the CARES Act, the ERTC became a vital provision aimed at providing financial relief to businesses grappling with the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, businesses were faced with a choice between applying for the Payroll Protection Program or claiming the ERTC, but subsequent legislative actions have allowed businesses to benefit from both programs simultaneously.

According to the IRS, employers eligible for ERTC refunds include businesses and tax-exempt organizations that have either been subject to government-ordered shutdowns at the height of the pandemic in 2020 or the first three quarters of 2021. Additionally, those who have experienced a “decline in gross receipts” during those periods are also eligible.

“It is also worth noting that claims applications are still being accepted in 2023,” an ERC Tax Group spokesperson said. “Our goal is to help those organizations who kept people employed at the height of the pandemic but have yet to receive their owed compensation for it.”

What ERC Tax Group does is that it pre-qualifies businesses by reviewing their financial information and advising them on how to maximize the sum they can claim. All it needs for you to do is to submit your business details through the company’s website. Afterward, a tax specialist will get in touch with you to walk you through the next steps.

And it’s pretty much mastered the claims process based on its past successes.

ERC Tax Group has been instrumental in the successful application of a number of businesses in different parts of the country. One Florida restaurant with more than 200 employees was able to claim over $1.1 million dollars through ERC Tax Group’s assistance. In Nashville, a design agency with 19 W-2 employees was able to receive a check worth $162,979 from the government.

Imagine an extra hundred grand being mailed to you by the IRS, and all you did was fill in a few details!

So stop waiting and doubting. Kick-start your ERTC application by logging on to

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