This Toms River Service Can Eliminate Your Pest Termite And Mold Problems

Jul 28, 2020

Are termites destroying the house that you worked so hard to build? Eliminate pests and protect your property with the best pest control provider in New Jersey.

Bed bugs were only found in hotels in the past, but recent years have seen them invading many homes and businesses. If your property is one of these, then you should give this expert a try.

A termite and pest control specialist has launched its services for homes and businesses in Monmouth County, Ocean County, and Long Beach Island.

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Based in Toms River, Ozane Termite and Pest Control (Ozane) provides comprehensive pest control services to deal with numerous types of pests. These services are available to both home and business owners who want to clear their properties of infestation.

Ozane is capable of treating a wide range of pest types, including termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, yellow jackets, carpenter ants, ticks, spiders, hornets, moths, old house borers, flies, centipedes, mice, stink bugs, and more.

The company offers the Seasonal Home Protection Program, which offers you a complete defense from the most common household pests. You can receive spring, summer, and fall treatments and re-treatments at no extra charge.

It also offers an award-winning system called Sentricon. This system has been proven to eliminate an entire termite colony without the need to drill into floors and foundations and without injecting chemicals into the ground.

Sentricon was awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

For mosquitoes, the company has a misting program that reaches the surfaces they frequent. The machine it uses is precise, emitting small particles to reach all targeted surfaces without drifting off. The effect of this program can last for up to 30 days.

Moreover, Ozane has a treatment program for bed bugs that combines non-repellent materials, mattress encasements, and insect growth regulators to eliminate bed bugs and prevent re-infestation.

Market research firm IBISWorld saw heightened demand for pest control services over the five years to 2020. According to the firm, this demand is driven by an increased occurrence of pests in more unlikely places like theaters, offices, and clothing stores.

IBISWorld forecasts that this demand will continue in the next five years as the infestation is likely to persist over the period.

Ozane is affiliated with the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, the New Jersey Pest Management Association, and the National Pest Management Association

Ozane has received positive feedback online. One verified reviewer said, “The best pest control company I could find in Toms River that was extremely cost-effective, responsive, and dependable on showing up and warding off my massive ant infestation. Great experience with this company.”

Pest infestation is not likely to end soon, so your property needs regular protection. Contact Ozane today and keep your property safe with their trusted pest control programs.

You can find more information about Ozane’s services at the URL above!

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