This Team Offers Utility Bill Analysis To Help Law Firms Boost Profitability

Feb 23, 2024

With BillSaver from Recession Resister, you can reduce utility costs for your law firm without having to do anything yourself. Outsource all the stress and hassle today!

Did you know that 80% of businesses in the US are currently overpaying for their utility bills? You don't have to be one of them – with BillSaver from Recession Resister, you can lower your overhead costs by outsourcing bill management to the expert team.

Start saving on utility bills at

Nationwide law firm utility cost reduction

Most commercial businesses, corporations, and non-profits with more than a year of utility bills are eligible for the program, Recession Resister says. The team manages audits nationwide - and works with companies of all sizes.

The BillSaver team only requires a few months of past utility bills, plus any existing service contracts, to get started identifying savings opportunities for your firm. Their auditors have expertise analyzing charges across various locations, utility providers, and billing structures - and within 6-8 weeks, you receive a detailed report with recommendations to reduce costs. “We’ll find a way to lower your monthly bills or you don’t pay us a penny,” explains a spokesperson for the company.

Expert analysis of all your office charges

BillSaver’s utility auditors are assigned based on their specialized experience with your location profile and utility billing specifics. They focus closely on electric bills for office equipment usage and lighting, gas charges for heating, and water fees from restrooms and breakrooms. The team will scrutinize all charges for discrepancies.

Upon completing the utility bill audit, BillSaver files documentation to obtain refunds for any overcharges from providers. In addition, the team works to correct inaccurate classifications, meter reading errors, and other issues that can result in thousands of dollars in excessive annual fees if left unaddressed.

Start saving from day one

Common problems detected include incorrect application of taxes and fees, accounts continuing to be billed for discontinued services, overlapping charges from multiple providers, and complex utility billing codes being applied inaccurately.

“We’ll audit years’ worth of bills for you, finding overcharges, eliminating mistakes, and obtaining refunds for you when possible,” Recession Resister adds. “If we don’t find you any refunds or reduction opportunities, you don’t pay us a thing. Whatever we find, we split 50/50.”

Utility bills are often a hidden expense that we don’t think about too often. With this service, you can save big without having to manage anything yourself!

Check out to get your audit and see how much you could save!

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