This Stilwell, KS Line Striping Expert Paints Parking Lots, Roadways & Pavement

May 30, 2024

Is your business’s parking lot in need of a fresh coat of paint? Then call the line striping experts at locally owned and operated company Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing (913-214-6282) in Stilwell, KS.

Imagine what parking lots would be like without lines in them — they would probably be pure chaos! Thankfully, the team at Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing doesn't want to live in a world where this is the case, which is why they offer durable, high-visibility line painting solutions for parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, and repaved concrete or asphalt areas. Their lines comply with local laws and regulations and they can be customized if your company needs specific detailing.

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The Process

When applying lines to your parking lot, Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing follows a simple 5-step process. They start by cleaning off any debris from the surface to be painted. Then, they draw out chalk markings designating where the lines will go and they tape off any areas at risk of overspray. Finally, they apply the paints using a specialized machine and then allow the area to dry fully before opening it up to traffic.

“Line striping is a specialized skill that requires an extensive knowledge of regulations, equipment, and materials,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “At Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing, we have the experience and training necessary to ensure that lines are painted correctly, providing a clear and visible guide for drivers and pedestrians.”

The Options

In addition to lines, the company also paints crosswalks, handicap signs, traffic flow arrows, ‘customer parkingtags, and much more. The paints they use are specifically designed to withstand constant traffic (both vehicular and foot) and adverse weather conditions.

The Benefits

Clear parking lot lines and graphics provide essential guidance for drivers, ensuring orderly and safe traffic flow. They also enhance parking efficiency by maximizing space and minimizing confusion, leading to a better overall customer experience. Additionally, well-defined lines improve the aesthetics of your property, creating a positive first impression for visitors and reflecting positively on the professionalism of your business. 

"Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing exceeded our expectations with their parking lot line striping services," said a satisfied client. "Their attention to detail not only enhanced our exterior’s presentation but also improved traffic flow and safety for our customers. Their professionalism and efficiency made the entire process seamless and hassle-free. We would highly recommend them."

About Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing

Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing has been providing its clients with professional line striping, pressure washing, and concrete cleaning and sealing solutions since 2020. In addition to Stilwell and Olathe, the company also serves Gardner, Spring Hill, Shawnee, Lenexa, Louisburg, and several other neighboring communities.

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