This Savings Platform Increases Financial Efficiencies If You’ve Lost Your Job

Jun 21, 2024

Most people don’t think about the extra money they can receive when they’ve lost their job, but leading financial optimization platform Recession Resister is helping job loss victims increase their financial efficiencies.

Losing your job wouldn't be half as bad if your monthly expenses were also terminated, but that's not how things work. Fortunately, you have Recession Resister. Recession Resister is an expense management platform that helps you increase your financial efficiencies by uncovering money you never knew you had.

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Get the financial relief you need if you've lost your job.

Recession Resister uses smart Bill Saver technology to analyze your paid home expense bills for mistakes, hidden fees, and other unnecessary charges. The company’s expert negotiators then correct these errors and secure the refunds you're owed on the overpayments you unknowingly made. You get an immediate influx of funds along with welcome long-term savings you can dedicate elsewhere.


Industry research reveals millions of Americans are unknowingly overcharged for their basic monthly expenses - things like utilities, electricity, internet, mobile, satellite, and security - amounting to an estimated $60 billion in annual overpayments.

This just isn't right.

Recession Resister addresses this issue by using advanced technology to meticulously analyze your bills and then negotiates on your behalf to reduce your overall service costs. While this incredible technology can benefit every American, it can be particularly beneficial if you've just lost your job.

A spokesperson for Recession Resister explains:

“To use Recession Resister, simply upload your paid monthly bills, dating back up to three years, to the platform. When discrepancies in what you should have been charged and what you were actually charged are detected, we let you know and then you can decide whether to proceed on your refunds and on getting those errors corrected."


In addition to identifying and correcting billing errors, Recession Resister offers an energy auto-switching service for US residents living in deregulated states. Energy auto-switching connects you with providers charging correct market prices rather than inflated rates, ensuring you receive the most cost-efficient contract without disrupting your desired service bundles. To date, this service has saved residents in deregulated states more than $1 million.


Recession Resister is free to try. There are no user fees incurred by uploading your bills to the platform. It isn't until Recession Resister successfully saves you money that you pay just 50% of the savings you receive each month. A pay-in-full option is also available for discounts.

While the median duration of unemployment is approximately 20 weeks, it can feel a lot longer than that when you're faced with financial stress.

Recession Resister is here to alleviate this burden by increasing your financial resilience without you making extreme lifestyle changes.

A recent customer says, "I submitted three bills and Bill Saver saved for me more than $1,700! There's nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Is it time you empowered yourself with a tool built to optimize your finances and prevent service providers from taking advantage? Manage your unemployment with greater confidence with Recession Resister at your side. Learn more and see how much you're owed at

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