This Sales Agent AI Tool Offers A Cheap Alternative To Sales Development Reps.

Jul 4, 2024

Kalendar.AI is offering startups and newly funded businesses effective and truly intelligent lead generation with their smart AI sales development representatives.

Do you want to remove the cost of sales development representatives and other sales staff? Would you like to book more sales meetings with qualified leads that are primed and ready to become conversions? Are you hoping to raise more seed funding and turn your new business into something incredible? Kalendar.AI is here to help you do all of that and more.

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Remove SDRs & Get Better ROI On Your Cold Outreach Efforts

The developers and market experts behind Kalendar.AI have designed their AI meeting booking and sales rep service to help you if you are in the critical early stages of raising seed funding and forging key B2B partnerships and you need to execute effective lead generation.

Their AI sales reps have been designed to remove your need for sales development representatives (SDRs) who, in 2024, can cost your business as much as $75,500 annually, according to Zip Recruiter.

Kalendar.AI understands that, if you’re in the seed funding and initial launch phase, this is an untenable cost. By comparison, prices for their AI sales rep start at $417 per month, which will give you access to not one SDR but five.

An AI Sales Rep Service That Really Works

Early adopters of Kalendar.AI have seen its ROI potential on lead generation and cold outreach.

“For a spend of $800 in the first month, we got 12 meetings with HR execs in various size companies and closed a $50K+ deal,” said K Sharma, the founder of Wellness Coach. “Kalendar.AI has been very incredibly efficient in terms of cost. In the first month of use, we actually generated more than 20 times the return of what we spent, and much more compared to our efforts with LinkedIn or Google.”

Collin Rice, the director of Fab Fit Fun, said, “As a prospecting tool for new potential investments, Kalendar.AI has replaced the output of at least one full-time employee for us. Everybody who is looking to sell and grow should definitely explore Kalendar.AI as an option to either augment their sales force or ideally replace a lot of it.”

Book More Meetings & Make Your Lead Generation More Effective

Kalendar.AI’s sales reps work similarly to traditional SDRs. However, they can find leads for you among a far bigger global pool of businesses and can send personalized mass cold outreach emails out at an unprecedented scale. They are also trained on AI mailbox technology to ensure their first contact emails pass through spam filters to increase their chance of being read and turning into a sale for you.

As an all-in-one lead generation solution, their AI sales reps will also facilitate the initial meeting booking with a member of your team. Plus, their AI technology is fully integrated with Calendly and Zoom to streamline this process.

If you’re looking to remove your staffing costs while increasing your lead conversions, Kalendar.AI is a truly intelligent solution.

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