This Private Search Engine Blocks Trackers From Microsoft, Google & Advertisers

Sep 1, 2023

Starting to have doubts about the integrity of these so-called privacy-first search engines? It’s time you make the switch to TUSK Search to experience true worry-free browsing.

Last year, DuckDuckGo found itself in hot water after a researcher discovered that the privacy-first search engine was allowing Microsoft to track its users. After the resulting uproar, it decided to block the trackers.

Now, what if it didn’t get caught? And which of these other self-styled privacy-focused firms have secret dealings with Big Tech?

You don’t need to wait for an answer because you can do something about it now.

Virtual World Computing, LLC, the creator of the TUSK Browser, is introducing TUSK Search, a free speech- and privacy-focused search engine. Originally designed with conservative users in mind, the search engine’s unique anti-tracking capabilities make it a viable alternative to these private search engines whose pro-privacy stance is now being put into question.

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TUSK Search allows you to access search results that are commonly censored by other search engines. Moreover, it is the only search engine with a built-in “bias slider,” which lets you see the political leaning of sources. For example, by clicking “right”, TUSK Search will only show results from websites and publications that have historically displayed a conservative-leaning stance.

This option gives you an opportunity to learn about the position of each side of the political spectrum, which can aid in your opinion-making.

“Journalists are taught to hear both sides before reporting on a story,” a spokesperson from the company said. “With TUSK Search, you can do exactly that. You can see what each side is saying about a particular issue with the press of a button, and you can use that information to form your own opinion.”

TUSK Search is the default web browser of the TUSK Browser, but you access it using any browser.

As for the TUSK Browser, it was built using Chromium—the open-source codebase used to develop the Chrome browser. However, the similarities between Chrome and TUSK Search are only superficial.

“Building using the Chromium project allowed us to create a web browser that has the same functionality as Chrome, such as being able to access the Chrome Web Store, but without its controversial features like unfettered data gathering and user profiling,” the spokesperson explained.

Both the TUSK Browser and TUSK Search offer a safe haven to users who are hard-pressed to find a secure means of surfing the web. So if you’re one of them, just download the TUSK Browser on your desktop or phone and start browsing the web worry-free.

And if you want to know more about the TUSK project, visit

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