This Portable Neck Traction Device Combines Cervical Stretching & Heat Therapy

Jul 17, 2023

Sick of spending a fortune on physiotherapy or chiropractors? Check out the Dynamic Wedge – a cervical traction device that combines stretching with heat and pulse therapy for the ultimate break from chronic pain! Visit the Desk Jockey website for a great deal!

Do you suffer from neck pain? Has a lifetime of hunching over a desk left your posture in a sorry state? If you're looking for quick and effective relief without having to visit the doctor's surgery, order the Dynamic Wedge Cervical traction device from Desk Jockey today!

Made by acclaimed developer Pain Management Technologies, this unit provides cervical traction and measured stretching for tight muscles. By realigning the cervical vertebrae, the machine can ease the symptoms of neck strain, spinal injury, and disc misalignment.

If neck pain's pushing you over the edge, find fast relief from the Dynamic Wedge! Available now via Desk Jockey. More details at

The device combines stretching, heat therapy, and frequency impulses to block pain signaling, soften muscle rigidity, and address your posture issues. The Dynamic Wedge machine is available to order via the Desk Jockey web store at a discounted rate of just $205.99. All purchases come with a standard 30-day returns policy.

According to the BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders journal, both neck and back pain are two of the most prevalent causes of chronic pain across the globe. Caused and compounded by poor posture, stress, anxiety, and over-exertion, these conditions cost the US healthcare system around $135 billion per year with knock-on effects such as long absences from work.

The Dynamic Wedge device emits gentle heat to augment the stretching motion while the electrotherapy pulses help to reduce inflammation and can also block pain receptors. The machine has three traction modes. Option A provides the gentlest stretch with B offering a more intense movement that stimulates muscle growth. The A-B mode is an automatic cycle.

There are also separate controls for the electrotherapy pulses with plus or minus buttons so you can control the intensity of the frequencies. Similarly, a heating control allows you to select a low, medium, or high heat depending on your preference with an automatic mode combining and varying these settings as the device gets to work.

The unit weighs just over five pounds and measures just 7 inches high, 20 inches long, and 11.8 inches wide. The Dynamic Wedge ships with a long power cord, a remote control, an illustrated manual, and electrotherapy pads. Everything you need to get started!

About Desk Jockey LLC

Current owner Kit Feuerhelm worked as CPA for 24 years, spending long hours sitting at the desk which resulted in chronic pain. He took a keen interest in Desk Jockey and bought the company in 2019.

A spokesperson says, “Our mission is to do good by solving the problem of orthopedic pain and other health complications arising from prolonged sitting in this modern, ever-more sedentary world."

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For the ultimate neck stretch, try the Dynamic Wedge! Order yours from Desk Jockey today!

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