This Mindfulness Journal For Kids 5-12 Teaches Compassion & Strong Morals

Jun 7, 2023

If you want your child to grow up to be a good human being with strong morals and ethics, you should consider getting them the My Values Journal!

Parenting can be tough! No matter what you do, it can often feel like you're forgetting to teach your child something. Well, now you have some help in that department, thanks to the My Values Journal!

The journal is a guided mindfulness diary with writing and drawing exercises and activities for children ages 5 to 12. It is available in both physical and PDF formats and the activities can be completed daily or at your child’s pace.

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Studies have shown that journaling from a young age can significantly enhance the cognitive and emotional development of your child. By journaling, they get to work on their writing and communication skills. They also get to reflect on their experiences and learn from them. The My Values Journal offers them a centralized platform to do this, with prompts meant to inspire and engage them throughout.

The journal is not narratively driven but rather steered by your child. It is essentially a collection of quotes, facts, illustrations, activities, and exercises presented by a cast of fun characters that your child can relate to. On their journey through the book, your child will explore topics such as morality, personal interests, and aspirations for the future.

While the journal does have a structure, it does not need to be completed sequentially; your child can work through the activities in order or selectively. Though they will probably see the most benefits using it daily, they can also complete it on their own time. Additionally, the journal is designed so that your child can work on it in collaboration with you, thereby helping strengthen the bond between you.

By using the My Values Journal, your child gets a chance to exercise their creative and imaginative muscles. The journal also provides a safe and private space for them to do self-reflection and evaluation. They also get an opportunity to consider the experiences and circumstances of others, which can help improve their empathy and compassion.

“We wanted to create this journal so that kids of all ages can grow up to be good human beings with high self-esteem and a positive outlook on life,” said a spokesperson for the company. “My Values Journal will help you teach your kids the value of hard work, honesty, compassion, self-belief, learning from mistakes, and many other important values in life.”

The My Values Journal is available for purchase on the My Values Journal website. The physical copy is £15.00 while the digital PDF copy is £10.00. The company also offers a range of supplemental materials, including bundles that focus on specific topics like compassion, determination, and selflessness. These bundles are also available on the website for £5.00 each.

In addition to the journal, the team at My Values Journal also has plans to start a podcast. This podcast will cover many topics included in the journal and provide additional ways to help children to build their self-esteem and celebrate the good in their lives.

My Values Journal was started by a group of parents who wanted their children to have solid moral and ethical foundations. It has since been used by children and parents from around the world.

Visit today and let your child learn, enjoy, draw, and create!

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