This Local Marketing Service Can Help Your Psychiatric and Psychological Services Attract New Patients

Sep 11, 2020

RocketLab Media has launched a new digital marketing and local lead generation service for specialist healthcare professionals, including Psychiatrists and Psychologists. The company utilizes proven multimedia strategies to help clients increase their sales.

Are you running psychiatric and psychological practice? How do you engage new patients and clients? Do you have a strategy in place? Would you benefit from professional marketing support to help you attract new patients thereby increasing your leads, sales, and profits? If you have answered ‘yes’ this is the service for you!

A new lead generation and digital marketing service has been launched aimed at you if you own or operate a specialist healthcare provider. RocketLab Media utilizes proven strategies to help you increase your brand awareness online and locally, which in turn can generate additional leads including new patients, sales, and profits.

You can find out more at

The newly launched services focus on tried and tested methods to help you and other practitioners secure more patients through your local and online presence. As you may be aware, in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, your competitors and similar brands are turning to digital marketing techniques including content creation to stand out.

Local marketing is important for your brand as many of your customers search for your products, services, and store location based on their location and what is close to them. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help to put your business on the map to ensure passing trade or locals can easily find you.

Investing in digital marketing can also increase your brand reputation and image. In case you are wondering, many companies (including your competitors) are building trust with consumers by asking for reviews online. Incentives can encourage your customers to leave feedback, which can help to foster relationships. These kinds of interactions can help you to generate leads and increase your sales.

Hyperlocal adverts and marketing strategies can be tailored to your needs and will have specific goals and targets. This kind of service is ideal for you if you offer your services from a physical location rather than being purely based online.

Interesting newsworthy content focused on your products and services can be leveraged to gain exposure for your brand. In addition, the new service includes the option to create a high-quality multimedia page, which has the potential to attract local and regional outlets.

A company spokesperson said: “Google values established brands over regular content. Local companies that gain visibility online are likely to rank higher with Google, which is how brands increase their exposure and attract new customers.”

You can find out more via the link provided!

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