This LinkedIn Automation Tool With Native HubSpot Helps Scale Agency Operations

May 19, 2023

Agency owners are scaling operations more efficiently using this top-rated LinkedIn automation tool with native HubSpot integration to create hundreds of customized client outreach campaigns for increased lead conversion.

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for B2B businesses targeting select prospects. With over 700 million users it offers all kinds of potential however, managing LinkedIn manually for cost-effective lead gen is impossible. For agencies handling multiple accounts, AI-based automation is crucial, so long as it's user-friendly.

Salesflow makes the impossible possible. With automated LinkedIn functionality that allows agencies to create and oversee hundreds of campaigns targeting thousands of prospects, Salesflow turns LinkedIn into a sales converting machine.

If you're an agency leader looking to leverage LinkedIn and drive more conversions, connect with Salesflow - the platform where the promise is in the name.

With HubSpot integration, advanced reporting capabilities and white-label dashboard functionality, Salesflow allows you to run several campaigns simultaneously, all from one centralized platform, so you can scale and future-proof your operations with confidence.

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By now everyone knows 80% of B2B leads come directly from LinkedIn, but for your sales and marketing strategies to work they must be data driven. Salesflow offers advanced analytics functionality so you can provide your clients with detailed campaign reports. Their customizable dashboard allows you to brand your services with your business name and logo, and with native HubSpot integration, you can offer up-to-the-minute prospect data for more ready-to-convert leads.

“With multiple data organization options like our customizable inbox filters, unlimited webhooks and native HubSpot integration, Salesflow accelerates prospecting results,” says a company representative. “Our multi-campaign capabilities with real-time analytics allow agencies to quickly understand whether a lead gen strategy is working or not and lets them tweak their approach for better outcomes.”

Salesflow lets you manage all client activities from one admin panel and a global dashboard. You can customize client access to select and manage what different clients can and can’t see, and you can log in to their LinkedIn accounts using the Salesflow IP to oversee and manage campaign progress without compromising security.

Beyond HubSpot, native integrations at Salesflow include Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zapier. Now you can optimize your pipeline management and automatically keep clients up to date on prospects and connections with all-in-one platform functionality.

Salesflow helps you scale your LinkedIn services significantly while lowering your management cost per client for better margins and efficiencies that far outperform other sales methods.

With a dedicated team of technical experts who are proficient in LinkedIn and cloud-based automation, your Salesflow support executives will guide and onboard your agency step-by-step, helping to simplify your automation journey.

Trusted by over 10,000 B2B enterprises in over 120 countries, Salesflow has to date generated more than 500,000 quality leads, leading to an average increase in user revenues of 48%.

The president at Inbox Attack says, “Salesflow allowed us to scale our business by about 25 percent. The ease of operation and increase in outreach efficiency allowed us to increase our revenue when running outreach for clients.”

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