This Integrated All-In-One CRM & Business Suite Is Perfect For Growing Startups

Apr 18, 2024

With VITAZA Digital and its new BOOST platform, you can drive more leads and sales on autopilot – growing your brand through data-driven insights!

Are you tired of cold emails, content with no personalization, and sub-par efforts to engage prospects? And don't get me started on all the visitors who just leave your site without taking action. VITAZA Digital helps you connect with these customers and grow your brand without the need for multiple software subscriptions.

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Everything in one place

VITAZA Digital's BOOST is an All-In-One CRM & Business Suite that enables you to maximize your marketing spend and streamline your approach to lead management. By providing a centralized hub to manage customer communications, it helps you better understand your audience. "Following up with and nurturing your leads is imperative to successful conversion," a company representative explains, adding that 80% of customers buy after seeing a brand 5 to 12 times.

BOOST allows anyone to drive more leads, nurture relationships, and close more deals by centralizing all customer communications into one convenient platform. You can use this All-In-One CRM & Business Suite to create more engaging content that resonates with customers, and marketing automation is in place to help with growth.

Supporting the entire customer journey

In addition to effectively capturing leads, BOOST also streamlines the sales process, allowing you to track leads throughout the entire customer journey - from initial contact to checkout.

The tool's customer segmentation features allow you to group your customers based on key criteria, such as demographics, behaviors, or purchase history, giving you a high degree of visibility and a granular understanding of your customer base.

By integrating BOOST into your operations, you can gain a competitive edge in the market. The platform's analytics and reporting tools provide ongoing insights, allowing you to drive sustainable growth over time.

Christina Rosario, the visionary behind BOOST states: "Designed for ambitious small businesses and startups, BOOST - our All-In-One CRM & Business Suite - turns marketing into money and operations into peak efficiency. Unlock your full potential and transform every customer journey into unwavering loyalty."

A plan for everyone

VITAZA Digital offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate the needs of service-based startups, beginning with the Engagement Essentials plan, available for $7 per month. The Business Toolkit is priced at $97 per month, the Business Accelerator package, which includes advanced features, is offered at $247 per month and the Automatic Business plan for enterprises is priced at $697 per month.

Cancel all your marketing subscriptions because the most robust crm & business suite is here to give you both savings and results.

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