This Indianapolis IN Property Tax Expert Can Help You Take Increase Your Profits

Oct 29, 2020

Do you have a massive expansion project that could benefit from the government’s economic development program? This property tax expert can help you maximize your capital investment in the state.

Are you considering a sizeable expansion and you want to take advantage of the state’s economic incentives? This tax firm can help you secure the maximum benefits possible for your investment.

A tax specialist in Fishers, Indiana has launched a series of property tax services aimed at helping Indianapolis business owners achieve real cost savings through property tax reductions.

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The firm, JM Tax Advocates, specializes in the fields of property tax review, property tax compliance, and economic incentive procurement. According to the firm, these services are provided with a number of market research and software tools and project management expertise to give you a full-service experience.

Its economic incentive procurement service is designed to help companies obtain government incentives that can be used for their expansion. The company aims to help clients achieve the maximum level of available incentives, which could provide millions of dollars in savings.

JM Tax Advocates’s incentive procurement service identifies areas of opportunity, negotiates incentive options, and helps companies with their annual compliance reporting. According to the company, it can help you obtain these incentives in the shortest possible time as the entire process of securing them often takes upwards of six months.

The company’s property tax compliance service is designed to provide businesses with accurate and timely reporting to minimize their tax burden and identify tax-saving opportunities. This service involves reviewing one’s property tax filings, identifying areas of savings, monitoring assessments, and determining the impact of these improvements.

Furthermore, JM Tax Advocates can help company owners reduce their property taxes through a tax review. Costly errors that typically show in their review include real estate that was assessed as personal property, situs mistakes, variations between book accounting and the actual asset, double taxation, and more.

Several industries can benefit from the company’s services, including the hotel, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing industries. For instance, the company found that 80% of property tax assessments done for industrial firms are inaccurate by as much as 50%.

JM Tax Advocates is led by Joshua Malancuk, CPA, CMI, and company president. Mr. Malancuk specializes in property tax and has 20 years of experience in the field gained in public accounting. He is also a speaker and has lectured at the Institute for Professionals in Taxation.

You can save millions in property taxes. Contact JM Tax Advocates to maximize the incentives in your next project and reduce your tax levels!

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