This Historical Novel Set Highlights Government Policies For Family Farms In WW2

Mar 11, 2024

Ever wondered about the ongoing challenges farmers face in the US? T. H. Harbinger unveils the root cause of the agricultural recession in his historical novel set, Farming and Food.

Climate change, the struggle for sustainability, and the need to adapt to a carbon-neutral environment - the US government often attributes these challenges to the ongoing farmers' crisis. However, T. H. Harbinger's historical fiction book set introduces a fresh perspective. By analyzing past, present, and future trends, the author identifies some policies as the primary factor influencing the agricultural recession.

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T. H. Harbinger sheds light on the ongoing farm crisis in his historical fiction novels. Through his work, you’ll learn about the contributing factors to this problem, such as the dominance of big agriculture corporations in land-grant universities.

Understanding the Agricultural Transformation

According to the USDA, the number of US farms has declined by a staggering 70% since 1935. That’s because numerous cow-calf producers and family-owned ranches shut down every year. 

Although such a rapid pace slowed down post-1982, small farms still face significant challenges due to heavy regulations. Immediate policy changes are crucial to preventing a recurrence of the 1980s hardships—a problem that the author highlights. He says, “Without an immediate change in farm policy, US agriculture is on a trajectory to revisit the crisis of the 1980s.

Farm Crisis Through the Lens of Fiction

T. H. Harbinger helps you understand how the US agriculture system works through three exciting historical fiction books: The Golden Triangle, The Farm Program, and America's Dairyland.

The first book unveils the impact of WW2 beach landings on an Anabaptist nursery in Montana. The second book sheds light on critical agricultural matters, exploring the escalating issue of farm subsidies. As for the third book, it walks you through a historical journey. You’ll learn about the loss of 14,000 dairy farms in Wisconsin between 1990 and 2006.

From Electronics to Literature: Jim Lenz's Career as T. H. Harbinger

Jim Lenz has 40 years of expertise in vehicle electronics and controls. Writing under the pseudonym T. H. Harbinger, Lenz delves into societal topics through novels and movies. His work uncovers the hidden stories of individuals who have left a mark on culture.

“A society's culture is built on women and men who've dedicated their lives to truth and success,” the author says.

Embark on a journey into the core of the US farmer crisis with T. H. Harbinger's trio of gripping historical fiction novels.


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