This Group Is Organizing A Sexual Health Education Camp For San Jose, CA Youth

Jun 15, 2022

Obria Medical Clinic has announced the RealOptions reproductive health camp, an educational camp where your children can learn personal responsibility and healthy lifestyle choices.

This Group Is Organizing A Sexual Health Education Camp For San Jose, CA Youth

When it comes to their education, while your kids may be learning mathematics and literature, they may be falling behind when it comes to learning lifestyle skills like informed decision-making and personal responsibility. The RealOptions camp has been created to help with this and is designed to help your kids learn to navigate a difficult world.

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The program is the first of its kind in the San Jose area and is meant to make up for shortcomings in the traditional education system when it comes to topics like social pressures and sexual health. They provide a candid source of information on these topics to invite open and honest dialogue.

Recent studies have shown that children in the 12-18 year age range often do not receive any formal reproductive education whatsoever, leaving them confused and uninformed on very important topics. The same is true when it comes to topics such as substance abuse and peer pressure, where similar shortfalls were evident.

To make up for areas where your children might be less than informed on how to make effective and healthy lifestyle choices, the RealOptions clinic is now accepting applications for their summer program. Participants will attend a number of fun and informative sessions that focus on a variety of health-related topics.

If your children are occupied with other summer programs or a summer job and simply do not have time to attend the program, the information presented therein is available to you as a parent as well. RealOptions holds regular educational sessions regarding how to talk to children and teens about difficult topics such as reproductive health.

Also covered in the sessions are ways in which children and teens can engage with a culture that promotes unhealthy behaviors in a safe way, without succumbing to peer pressure. This includes internet safety etiquette that students can use to stay safe and comfortable while online.

These skills are essential to living safely in a world that increasingly promotes and glamorizes poor decision-making, and it is your responsibility as a parent to counteract negative cultural influences. Help them make the best choices possible in life by signing them up for the RealOptions camp.

The counselors at Obria are passionate about equipping young people with the tools they need to make healthy choices in potentially difficult situations. Their background in women’s health and community outreach makes them the perfect candidate to present this information in an accessible way.

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